Alphabet Inc Launches A New Firm Isomorphic Labs To Identify Drugs Using AI Technology Of DeepMind

Alphabet, the parent company of the internet giant Google, has propounded a new firm Isomorphic Labs that focuses on to applying the potential of artificial intelligence for drug identification. The newly formed company, called Isomorphic Laboratories, will bring in use the technology of DeepMind, another subsidiary of Alphabet Inc that earlier demonstrated the application of Artificial intelligence to signify the 3D structure of a protein directly derived from its amino acid group.

“I am more than happy to declare the formation of a new child firm of Alphabet – Isomorphic Labs, a professional and top notch enterprise with a mission to reinvent the entire drug discovery process from the scratch with an Al first approach and eventually to design and comprehend some of the basic mechanisms of life, ” Demis Hassabis, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of DeepMind, mentioned in a blog post.

David Hassabis will also take the responsibility of Isomorphic Labs as its CEO during the nascent stage of the newly formed child company, but the two companies (DeepMind and Isomorphic Laboratories) will operate as separate entities and collaborate on the occasions when it is required.

What Isomorphic Labs Will Be Focusing On?

The United Kingdom situated Isomorphic Labs will be working on the most important applications of Artificial Intelligence in biological and medical research. To be a common underlying structure between biology and information science, an isomorphic mapping between the two, hence the name of the company, ”said David Hassabis.

The company wants to deploy artificial intelligence to enhance drug discovery and eventually hunt down cures for some of humanity’s most fatal diseases. The outburst of the Corona pandemic significantly highlighted the vital work that talented scientists and doctors do relentlessly on every day to learn and fight against the diseases.

Identifying new medicine may be a long, advanced trial-and-error method that involves combining several different compounds in several ways. many firms as well as London’s BenevolentAI and San Francisco’s Atomwise believe that AI will speed up the process.
We believe the use of advanced computational methods and artificial intelligence can help scientists take their research to the next level and massively boost the drug discovery process, ” said David Hassabis.

“Artificial Intelligence integrated solutions can progressively be applied not only for inspecting the data, but to conjointly create sturdy prognostic and generative models of complex biological phenomena also. We are looking forward to ushering in a all new productive era of biomedical breakthroughs ” David Hassabis said further.

The newly formed child company of Alphabet Inc is also looking foward to partnering with several biomedical and pharmaceutical companies that are using artificial intelligence to discover new medical breakthroughs. Additionally, Isomorphic Labs is extensively searching and hiring the engineers, machine learning experts, and talented scientists.

Alphabet Inc has several different companies functioning in the health care industry, including Verily, that is developing software package for the health care sector, and Calico, which focuses on research and formulating solutions on ageing and lengthening the human life. Isomorphic Labs will partner with pharmaceutical and biomedical companies and is currently hiring scientists, engineers, and machine learning experts.

Deep Gautam

Deep Gautam is an Editor at Tech Heralds.

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