DecentWorld Minimizes The Line Between The Physical And Digital World

Deep Gautam
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The line residing between the physical and digital worlds is continuously fading quicker each year with current metaverses. Nowadays, people have started shopping online, and as a result, it has become more famous than ever. Social media has changed how people communicate with their dear ones. The pandemic boosted cardinal changes in the way of working.

DecentWorld is a Swiss-owned metaverse depending on blockchain. It is a large pioneer in technical improvements that will alter the way of interaction, co-creation and operation in the future. DecentWorld blurred these lines to deliver some chances to users so that they can explore cities and their architecture in a new process.

decentworld decreases the line between physical and digital world

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From Physical to Digital

In most cases, metaverse products focus on making virtual fantasy worlds. But their creative team tried to approach it more unconventionally. It will net on familiarity factors instead of designing non-existent environments. In addition, it decided to bet on recognition to foster user enjoyment.

What did the DecentWorld team say?

The DecentWorld team explained that we could walk through the metaverse to enjoy being present in real time. It is the thing that the team is striving towards, which can teleport a user to the other side of the world.

The design depends on a meticulous analysis of multiple online images to interpret how Dubai looks in real life. Besides, the team enjoyed an interesting step and included buildings that you didn’t create yet. But people expect this to be completed in 2023. It can offer DecentWorld users a great chance to experience a one-of-a-kind preview of how the town might look.

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The DecentWorld team plans to expand the metaverse by making extra 3D environments and including various games for a larger entertainment experience along with the current released features. In addition, it is planning to forward-thinking onboard businesses to access the metaverse. Moreover, it can integrate regular experiences existing only in real life.

The team said that people can now attend a movie premiere or a whole movie festival on metaverse without paying single money and subscribing to any services. It is an achievable goal for them. Most famous artists can enjoy their first metaverse performances.

Simple Access as Priority

The team decided to release the platform on the desktop, which enables access to the metaverse via their computers. In addition, it is also planning to offer users a chance to enter the 3D world with VR headsets.

What did the product owner say?

He said they allow each person to join the metaverse instead of the equipment they possess at home. The hardware must catch up before people experience the metaverse at its full potential. Later, VR glasses will allow players to view the virtual world around them, smell and feel everything. Plenty of companies are willing to spend their money in the metaverse. But it has become clear that the existing hardware still has a long way to go.

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