India seeks compensation for the climate disasters caused by the the developed nations at the UN.

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For the climate damages caused by the developed nations, India seeks compensation.The idea behind is that, countries provide compensation for the damages that pollution will cause one day based on the historical contribution to global greenhouse gases.

The environmental minister of India said that they are seeking payment for the losses caused by climate disasters while laying out the country’s position on critical issues that will be negotiated at the United Nations in the coming weeks.

Rameshwar Prasad Gupta, the ministry’s senior civil servant said on Friday that there should be a compensation for the expenses incurred and it should be borne by the developed nations.

According to Gupta, the compensation for the climate disasters will be the major point at the talks. Majority of the greenhouse gases are contributed by the rich countries.

The subject was already raised by India with U.S. climate envoy John Kerry. The countries suffering from climate impacts can claim for repairs but not all the disasters are caused by climate changes.

Scientists are working hard on calculating how much a warmer planet contributed to the extreme weather events.

India being the world’s third largest emitter of green house gases is also among the top ten historical emitters. Which means that india should also contribute money for the damages.Starting in 2020, the developed countries were supposed to provide around $100 billion to developing countries in climate finances annually.

The money would be used for comes that cut back emissions and facilitate countries adapt to warming. the newest figure stands at regarding $90 billion, and therefore the hopes for the complete commitment are dimming because the Glasgow conference approaches.

As with past COP conferences, India’s delegation conjointly plans to state the purpose of fairness. The country’s annual per capita emissions stands at two tons of greenhouse emission, compared to over sixteen tons for the U.S. and fewer than 1/2 the worldwide per capita average.

The recent energy crunch — marked by soaring fossil fuel costs — has conjointly given india ammunition to continue the use of coal, the sole fuel that it’s in abundance.

That’s reaching to be a haul for the U.K., the host country, with COP26 President Alok Sharma having same that the urban center talks may “consign coal to history.”India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has confirmed that he can be a part of the COP26 summit together with a hundred and twenty different heads of state. The conference is held from Oct 31 to Nov 12.

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