Israeli Startup Develops Balloons To Capture Carbon

An Israeli startup has joined the fight against global warming by seeking inspiration within the higher atmosphere, where it hopes to send fleets of balloons which will trap carbon dioxide for recycling.

Carbon dioxide emissions, from the burning of fossil fuels and from industrial agriculture are the most important cause for temperature change.

However removing greenhouse emission from the atmosphere at standard temperatures needs an excessive amount of energy for governments and firms to contemplate it as cost-efficient.

High Hopes Labs developed a system that captures the carbon wherever it’s virtually solid, above the earth.”The stunning factor is that capturing gas is extremely simple once it’s about to freeze…,” chief executive officer Nadav Mansdorf told Reuters.

“Carbon is freezing in minus eighty degrees (Celsius) and therefore the sole place that we will find carbon in a temperature close to that, is fifteen kilometers (9 miles) above our heads.”

The company has tested its system on a low scale, Mansdorf says, releasing gas-filled balloons with a box that acts as a carbon-capture device connected beneath.

The frozen carbon is then separated from the air to be brought back to earth and may be recycled.The company aims to make larger balloons in 2 years that might be deployed to get rid of a metric ton of carbon every day at a value of below $100, which is cost efficient when compared to the on-ground facilities presently in use, Mansdorf said.

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