Amazon Luna, A Gaming Platform, Launches For Public In The US, Comes Included In Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Luna, the company’s cloud gaming platform, is now available in all 50 American states to stream your favourite games. The service, which launched in early access in September 2020, will be accessible to all Amazon customers starting today.
In addition to making its availability more widespread, Amazon has also expanded the Luna viewing experience by offering two new subscription channels: Luna Plus and Ubisoft Plus. Amazon Prime members will have accessibility to a monthly cycle of games as part of their membership. It has also announced that the Retro Channel and the Jackbox Games Channel will join its current portfolio of channels.

Luna Plus allows for a more TV-like experience with access to more than 100 games. The Retro Channel, which will include games such as Street Fighter 2 and Metal Slug 3, and the Jackbox Games Channel, which will enable customers to invite non-subscribers to a multiplayer game, are the two new subscriptions to the service.

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Ubisoft Plus offers access to over 100 Ubisoft games. Luna Plus is available for $9.99 a month. The cost of Family Channel is $5.99 per month. A subscription to the Retro and Jackbox Games channels costs $4.99 a month, while a subscription to Ubisoft Plus through Amazon Luna costs $17.99 a month. It costs $14.99 per month or $139 per year to subscribe to Amazon Prime, including Prime Video, free delivery, and other benefits.

Those who sign up for Luna Plus or Family Channel before March 31 will be able to lock in their original cost of $5.99 for Luna Plus and $2.99 for Family Channel for as long as they keep their Early Access membership active.

The Retro Channel allows players to play classic games from their childhood, such as Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros., Pacman, and more. Players can participate in nostalgic challenges against their friends to see who will win each game. If you’re looking for more modern options, then the Jackbox Games channel has you covered with party packs like Drawful 2 or Quiplash 2.

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Amazon Prime Video subscribers get exclusive access to the Ubisoft Plus channel when they subscribe through Luna, which will enable customers to enjoy Devil May Cry 5, Observer: System Redux. You don’t have to worry about buying anything extra because everything is included in an Amazon Prime membership!

Amazon’s Luna gaming service, which premiered on October 21 of this year, is getting some enhancements—and they’re coming as early as Tuesday. In a press release, Amazon announced that they were updating their Luna client for PC and Mac to allow one-click streaming of games. Fire TV users will also stream games by scanning a QR code with their device.

With the release of the Luna Controller app, which is now available for both iOS and Android smartphones, customers will be able to utilize their mobile devices as Luna controllers on their Fire TV.

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Amazon Luna premiered on October 21, 2020, and is accessible on various platforms, including Windows PCs, Macs, Fire TVs, Android smartphones, and iOS devices. On October 29 of this year, Ubisoft plus (previously Uplay Plus) became a member of Luna. The service is compatible with DualShock 4 gamepads from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as a unique dual-analog Luna controller, which costs $49.99

Recent feature to move music across multiple Echo devices using Alexa

Amazon has released a latest update to its Alexa devices, which can modify its users to maneuver their music, radio programmes, or podcast episodes between multiple Echo devices.

This implies if you’ve multiple Alexa devices in your home, you’ll be able to currently move music between them with easy voice commands.

For instance, if you’re paying attention to music on your bedroom Alexa speaker and wish to continue that within the front room, you’ll be able to say “Alexa pause” and move to the room and command “Alexa, resume music here”.

The feature works with all Echo devices together with Echo Auto vehicle and Echo Buds.You can additionally take your favorite play list, podcast or station with you after you leaveyour home with Echo Buds or Echo Auto vehicle.

Merely place in your Echo Buds, connect them to your phone and say, “Alexa, move my music here.” you’ll be able to additionally take your music with you on your next drive.

Just say, “Alexa, pause” to the Echo device enjoying music in your home, connect Echo Auto vehicle to your phone once in your automotive, and say, “Alexa, resume music.”

Meanwhile, Amazon has not provided any details on the moving audio feature on obtaining for third-party Alexa devices.

Further, Alexa and Netflix have additionally partnered to let users watch their favorite movies and tv series Fire TV device. From the Fire TV home screen, simply use your Alexa Voice remote and say, “Alexa, Play something on Netflix” and Netflix can launch a show.

Plus, you’ll be able to raise Alexa from across the area hands-free with the recently launched Fire TV Omni Series.

Amazon announced that a TikTok app is now available on its Amazon Fire TV for users in US & Canada

It’s unclear what percentage individuals were vociferation for this, however here it is: homeowners of Amazon’s hearth TV streaming devices within the U.S. and Canada will watch the most recent viral TikTok memes, dances and music videos on their living-room TV sets.

Fire TV is that the exclusive connected-TV partner for TikTok. “No a lot of huddling around a telephone to examine the most recent TikTok videos,” Amazon aforementioned Mon in saying the partnership’s launch in North America. “Starting nowadays blazing TV you’ll be able to currently read and find out all of your favorite TikTok videos on the largest screen in your home.”

There might or might not be any cash ever-changing hands: the businesses didn’t reply to inquiries concerning whether or not there’s a revenue-sharing agreement between TikTok and Amazon.

Regardless of what percentage individuals are literally curious about streaming TikTok to their HDTVs, the actual fact is that the ByteDance-owned short-form app has become a colossal world development. In Sept, TikTok declared that it had surpassed one billion monthly active users for the app.

And Amazon, that last month began shipping its own hearth TV-powered Omni line of televisions, is searching for each progressive differentiating feature it will get its hands on to face call at the competitive connected-TV market. “TikTok could be a house staple in our home, and I’m excited the total family will currently relish their favorite TikTok videos along on the simplest screen within the house with TikTok blazing TV,” aforementioned Daniel Rausch, VP of Amazon amusement Devices and Services, in an exceedingly statement. “We can’t wait to listen to however our customers ar enjoying the most recent dance craze or viral trends with their families.”

To watch TikTok on Fire TV, users should visit the Amazon Appstore to transfer the TikTok app, then sign up or produce Associate in Nursing account. In the app, you’ll be able to read TikTok feeds together with “For You” and “Following,” also as a number of the foremost widespread content across the service on the Discover page. The app conjointly offers Associate in Nursing autoplay feature that streams never-ending content feed while not interruptions between TikTok videos. you’ll be able to management TikTok video playback with the Alexa Voice Remote or with the hands-free Alexa feature within the hearth TV Omni Series.

TikTok blazing TV is accessible currently on all hearth TV devices within the U.S. and Canada and can be coming back presently to the ecommerce giant’s Echo Show devices. Initially, TikTok had unrolled to fireside TV devices in European country, France and therefore the U.K.

Amazon Launches Astro, The House Help Robot

astro robot

Amazon, a household name in many countries, is expanding its hands into robotics and automation with the launch of Astro. It has already achieved somewhat success in robotics after the launch of the Alexa – Voice command technology. Amazon made several modifications to Alexa, considering different geo markets and their demands, including diverse voices and languages. Available in various sizes, Alexa is up to the mark and widely chosen as more than a toy to play along with.

To bolster its foot into the robotics sector, Amazon is now launching Astro – a cute robot. Astro will serve as a house help, and Amazon Inc believes that Astro will greatly help older people. The newly launched robot runs on Alexa intelligent home technology and is assisted with a large screen, cameras and wheels. According to Amazon Inc, Astro can look after pets, children or elders, and even be capacitated to keep a tab on security. Astro is an AI-powered and automated robot, but can also be controlled with a remote.

Amazon wants to clarify that Astro is not just an advanced version of Alexa assembled with wheels. The company has given the robot an extraordinary range of movements and expressions to personalize it.

Just like Alexa, the privacy concerns have been taken care of during the making of the robot. The robot can be forbidden from entering private areas such as bedrooms and washrooms. Furthermore, the robot can be set to ‘do not disturb mode, and it also comes with a microphone and camera turn on or off buttons. But Astro will lose its ability to move around if the cameras are turned off.

Astro, the robot also comprises a pop-up periscope camera on its head part that helps to keep vigilance around the house. Amazon Inc has recently demonstrated a few abilities of the robot, which Amazon thinks is unique and ahead of what the market is offering. During the demonstration, Astro showed that it could do beatboxing, groove on the beats, and take care of open cylinder chokes. If the chock is left on, it can notify the owner.

Price of Astro

According to the reports, the robot will be selectively available for purchase only in the United States. Its initial pricing is set at $999.99. However, its pricing will be increased up to $1499.99 once it’s shipped out of the united states for purchasing. A top official of Amazon asserted that he is sure that Astro will be sold out with a few minutes once it’s open for sale in the US market.

Amazon Inc believes that robotics is the world’s future and wants to dominate the segment with its top-notch products like Astro. Amazon is optimistic about inventing and offering must-have robotic and Alexa-controlled devices. However, at what pricing these products will come holds their future.

Robotic devices are still new for most people, and they would not spend extravagantly on such devices unless they are convinced about the need of having robots at home. Paying $999.99 for a tiny device seems unreasonable for most people. However, Amazon is striving to convince people that the small-looking robot can perform several activities that justify its pricing.

Jeff Bezos Posts A Decade-Old Magazine Article Criticizing Him, Receives Plaudits On Twitter

jeff bezos

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, took to the microblogging site Twitter to share American Magazine’s nearly two-decade-old stories covering him. He shared a picture of Barron’s magazine two-decades-old stories titled ‘Amazon. Bomb’ that purportedly believed the failure of Amazon.

According to the 1999 story featured in Barron’s magazine, it would be not very reasonable to call Jeff Bezos a trailblazer of online business. The story further reads, he is just another middleman, and his share price would fall exponentially. Barron’s magazine was confident that the real conquerors on the net would be the companies that sell their products directly to consumers like Sony and Dell.

Jeff Bezos wrote an emotional yet inspiring message in a post on Twitter and attached the picture of Barron’s magazine story that anticipated the failure of Amazon. Amazon’s founder has come a long way since the inception of his online shopping platform that made him sit at the top position in the list of global billionaires.

Sharing the picture of Barron’s magazine’s time-worn page, Jeff Bezos appeals to his Twitter followers to listen and be open (for suggestions and criticization ), but do not let anybody tell you who you are.” He further says this (Barron’s Magazine Story) is one of many that forecasted the failure of Amazon and described several ways how Amazon was going to fail. For throwing light on Amazon’s success, Jeff says, Amazon is one of the world’s most prosperous companies at present and has revolutionized two exclusively different industries,”

Amazon that started as an online platform for books in 1994, has expanded its business operations into numerous industries over time. It is one of the five giant companies in the United States in the information and technology discipline, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. Amazon is considered one of the most influential economic and cultural forces. For the detractors anticipating the failure of amazon, it will not be digestible to see the current market value of Amazon touching $1.3 trillion.

Jeff Bezos’ Twitter post has soon got popular over the microblogging platform. His tweet has received 38.4 thousand likes and many comments so far. Twitter users are in all praise for Zeff Bezos and appreciate his hard work in the comments section. Amongst them, Elon Musk’s tweet is attracting many eyes. He commented ‘a silver medal emoji’ on the post of Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who recently stepped down from the CEO position, are business rivals and engaged in a brutal battle for being number one.

The founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, is famous on Twitter for his wittiness and always draws the attention of tweeter users with his tweets and replies. Both of them run Space Technology companies. Elon has had trolled Zeff Bezos in the past while toiling for obtaining work contracts with NASA.

Other than him, Reed Hastings, Netflix co-CEO, too responded to Jeff Bezos’s tweet. He retweeted the post and wrote in the caption that the more profound the doubts, the sweeter the success.