SpaceX Got Court’s Approval To Build $2.9 Billion Lunar Lander, Blue Origin Founder Jeff Wishes Success

SpaceX Got Court's Approval To Build $2.9 Billion Lunar Lander, Blue Origin Founder Jeff Wishes Success

According to a US court decision in Washington, SpaceX will design and construct the lunar lander used for the Artemis duty to send humans to the moon. According to Reuters, the judge sealed his opinion in a case along with the numerous other documents because it clarified his reasoning for terminating Blue Origin’s plea in August. The court is slated to consider proposed redactions this month to specify what should be redacted.

SpaceX will again start its endeavor under the Option A treaty with Nasa at the quickest date possible. Nasa had postponed working on the lunar lander contract With SpaceX since November 1 as part of a deal signed between the two parties to accelerate the legal process.

In a statement, NASA stated that it partners with many American companies to work concurrently and augment commercial readiness for crewed conveyance to the lunar surface. In July, Blue Origin’s revolt against Nasa’s decision to pick one lunar lander provider was withheld by the US Government Accountability Office (GAO).

As part of NASA‘s Artemis program, the company has been rewarded a contract by NASA to manufacture a spacecraft that would transport astronauts to the moon’s surface as soon as 2024. SpaceX won the April contract to build such a spacecraft.

After a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by Blue Origin against the US government over the decision made by NASA, Jeff Bezos tweeted, “It’s not the ruling we wanted, but we honor the court’s judgment, and we wish NASA and SpaceX success on the contract.”

What Provoked Blue Origin to File Lawsuit Against Nasa And SpaceX

Precisely, Blue Origin’s motion to seal filings stated that NASA is alleged to have legitimately assessed proposals submitted under the HLS Option A BAA. The company added that it was an action to correct deficiencies found in the Human Landing System procurement procedure.

The judgment to award the contract entirely to SpaceX was a step beyond the conventional rules, in which at least two firms are selected. While one is designing the module, another is assigned to design a backup for an emergency. The firms in battle were alongside SpaceX were the Blue Origin and Dynetics. The decision to outsource the contract to a single firm attracted vicious revolts from Blue Origin and Dynetics, who filed a legal complaint with Government Accountability Office.

Jeff Bezos had also offered that Blue Origin would relinquish government payments of up to $ 2 billion this year and beyond and pay for an orbital mission to test and apply its technology. In return, Blue Origin would accept a firm, fixed-price agreement covering the exceeded expense for system developments.

Nasa had roughly chosen five US-based companies to enable the agency to deliver a steady pace of crewed travel to the lunar surface under Artemis. The companies selected by NASA include Blue Origin, Dynetics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX, developing lander design concepts and evaluating their performance, design, building standards, mission control requirements, interfaces, safety, crew health accommodation. The last successful mission carrying a human being to the lunar surface was undertaken in 1972. The Apollo 17 mission broke many records, including the longest spacewalk, extended lunar landing, and significant lunar samples brought back to Earth.

Amazon Launches Astro, The House Help Robot

astro robot

Amazon, a household name in many countries, is expanding its hands into robotics and automation with the launch of Astro. It has already achieved somewhat success in robotics after the launch of the Alexa – Voice command technology. Amazon made several modifications to Alexa, considering different geo markets and their demands, including diverse voices and languages. Available in various sizes, Alexa is up to the mark and widely chosen as more than a toy to play along with.

To bolster its foot into the robotics sector, Amazon is now launching Astro – a cute robot. Astro will serve as a house help, and Amazon Inc believes that Astro will greatly help older people. The newly launched robot runs on Alexa intelligent home technology and is assisted with a large screen, cameras and wheels. According to Amazon Inc, Astro can look after pets, children or elders, and even be capacitated to keep a tab on security. Astro is an AI-powered and automated robot, but can also be controlled with a remote.

Amazon wants to clarify that Astro is not just an advanced version of Alexa assembled with wheels. The company has given the robot an extraordinary range of movements and expressions to personalize it.

Just like Alexa, the privacy concerns have been taken care of during the making of the robot. The robot can be forbidden from entering private areas such as bedrooms and washrooms. Furthermore, the robot can be set to ‘do not disturb mode, and it also comes with a microphone and camera turn on or off buttons. But Astro will lose its ability to move around if the cameras are turned off.

Astro, the robot also comprises a pop-up periscope camera on its head part that helps to keep vigilance around the house. Amazon Inc has recently demonstrated a few abilities of the robot, which Amazon thinks is unique and ahead of what the market is offering. During the demonstration, Astro showed that it could do beatboxing, groove on the beats, and take care of open cylinder chokes. If the chock is left on, it can notify the owner.

Price of Astro

According to the reports, the robot will be selectively available for purchase only in the United States. Its initial pricing is set at $999.99. However, its pricing will be increased up to $1499.99 once it’s shipped out of the united states for purchasing. A top official of Amazon asserted that he is sure that Astro will be sold out with a few minutes once it’s open for sale in the US market.

Amazon Inc believes that robotics is the world’s future and wants to dominate the segment with its top-notch products like Astro. Amazon is optimistic about inventing and offering must-have robotic and Alexa-controlled devices. However, at what pricing these products will come holds their future.

Robotic devices are still new for most people, and they would not spend extravagantly on such devices unless they are convinced about the need of having robots at home. Paying $999.99 for a tiny device seems unreasonable for most people. However, Amazon is striving to convince people that the small-looking robot can perform several activities that justify its pricing.

Jeff Bezos Posts A Decade-Old Magazine Article Criticizing Him, Receives Plaudits On Twitter

jeff bezos

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, took to the microblogging site Twitter to share American Magazine’s nearly two-decade-old stories covering him. He shared a picture of Barron’s magazine two-decades-old stories titled ‘Amazon. Bomb’ that purportedly believed the failure of Amazon.

According to the 1999 story featured in Barron’s magazine, it would be not very reasonable to call Jeff Bezos a trailblazer of online business. The story further reads, he is just another middleman, and his share price would fall exponentially. Barron’s magazine was confident that the real conquerors on the net would be the companies that sell their products directly to consumers like Sony and Dell.

Jeff Bezos wrote an emotional yet inspiring message in a post on Twitter and attached the picture of Barron’s magazine story that anticipated the failure of Amazon. Amazon’s founder has come a long way since the inception of his online shopping platform that made him sit at the top position in the list of global billionaires.

Sharing the picture of Barron’s magazine’s time-worn page, Jeff Bezos appeals to his Twitter followers to listen and be open (for suggestions and criticization ), but do not let anybody tell you who you are.” He further says this (Barron’s Magazine Story) is one of many that forecasted the failure of Amazon and described several ways how Amazon was going to fail. For throwing light on Amazon’s success, Jeff says, Amazon is one of the world’s most prosperous companies at present and has revolutionized two exclusively different industries,”

Amazon that started as an online platform for books in 1994, has expanded its business operations into numerous industries over time. It is one of the five giant companies in the United States in the information and technology discipline, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. Amazon is considered one of the most influential economic and cultural forces. For the detractors anticipating the failure of amazon, it will not be digestible to see the current market value of Amazon touching $1.3 trillion.

Jeff Bezos’ Twitter post has soon got popular over the microblogging platform. His tweet has received 38.4 thousand likes and many comments so far. Twitter users are in all praise for Zeff Bezos and appreciate his hard work in the comments section. Amongst them, Elon Musk’s tweet is attracting many eyes. He commented ‘a silver medal emoji’ on the post of Jeff Bezos. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, who recently stepped down from the CEO position, are business rivals and engaged in a brutal battle for being number one.

The founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk, is famous on Twitter for his wittiness and always draws the attention of tweeter users with his tweets and replies. Both of them run Space Technology companies. Elon has had trolled Zeff Bezos in the past while toiling for obtaining work contracts with NASA.

Other than him, Reed Hastings, Netflix co-CEO, too responded to Jeff Bezos’s tweet. He retweeted the post and wrote in the caption that the more profound the doubts, the sweeter the success.