pTron Force X10e Smartwatch Launched, Check Features

Deep Gautam
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pTron, an Indian electronics company known for its unique and stylish products, has announced the launch of its newest smartwatch: pTron Force X10e.

The new watch is a continuation of pTron’s mission to deliver on style, performance, and connectivity in one package. It features actual ticking hands that move across a 1.7-inch high-definition display, designed to provide users with helpful information at a glance.

pTron has said it will continue to expand its product line as it works toward creating devices that are innovative, useful, and beautiful—all at the same time.

Starting on June 6, the pTron Force X10e will be available for purchase on Amazon India for the introductory price of 1,799 Indian Rupees. This offer is valid for the first two days of its release. The pTron Force X10e will be made available beginning June 8 at the regular price of Rs 1,899 and will come with a guarantee for one full year.

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pTron Force X10e black watch

pTron Force X10e Specifications

The pTron Force X10e is a versatile smartwatch designed with ergonomic and lightweight features to make it comfortable for even the most active users. With a smaller 10.5mm metal shell, superior steel pushers, and a curved 2.5D screen that gracefully flows into the metal body, this new watch can be used in various situations.

The new smartwatch, equipped with robust health and wellness sensors, can measure the wearer’s heart rate accurately and continuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and other essential bodily functions such as Blood Oxygen, Calories, etc.

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The Force X10e is a fitness tracker that helps users stay mindful of their intentions. The device can monitor their heart rate throughout the day and remind them to take a moment to reset with a guided breathing session and schedule a daily walk.

In addition to these features, the intelligent device offers seven different active fitness modes and a steps-counting function that keeps track of the total number of steps taken throughout the day. This combination of features is designed to assist users in leading healthier lifestyles and enhancing their overall well-being.

The Force X10e, a fitness tracker watch, provides users with a broad range of health-related statistics and capabilities. It can also be used in conjunction with the DaFit app, available for both Android and iOS devices. This app gives users the ability to create reminders, access a wide variety of health statistics, and personalize their watch faces with various options. Clear data representations are provided in both the watch and the app, making it simple to recognize recurring patterns in the data.

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Every recording is kept, and it can be seen in the app, but it can also be shared. The Force X10e is available in three different colors, including Onyx Black, Space Blue, and Suede Pink. It has a water-resistant rating of IP68.

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