Facebook agrees to pay French publishers for ‘news reuse’

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Facebook declares that it reached a multiyear agreement to pay French publishers for resharing their content on its platforms.

The social media giant, Facebook said that the contract with the Alliance of national and regional newspapers “means that folks on Facebook are going to be ready to continue uploading and sharing news stories freely amongst their communities, while conjointly guaranteeing that the copyright of our business enterprise partners is protected.”

Facebook Declined to specify what proportion it’s paying for the arrangement with l’Alliance de la presse d’information générale (APIG) in France after we asked. however in an exceedingly web log post trumpeting the deal it wrote, “After constructive negotiations,our investment within the news business, and strengthen the news expertise for every users and publishers on Facebook.”

The web log post conjointly specifies that it’ll be investment “at least” a billion bucks to support media corporations over consecutive 3 years — but that’s a collective pot not a France-only pot.

Therefore UN agency is obtaining what precisely — and wherever — remains unclear. Facebook’s largesse in France isn’t voluntary, the event relates to EU law that was updated to reform digital copyright rules back in 2019 to, among different tweaks, extend neighboring rights to snippets of publishers’ content in response to criticism from the newspaper business that adtech giants were freeloading off quality journalism that users of their platforms share.

France has been at the forefront of transposing the EU’s digital copyright reform into national law however the amended rules ar set to use across the alliance — therefore adtech giants like Facebook can have to be compelled to strike multiple deals to hide the region, therefore that “at least” $1 billion pot.

At the beginning of the year, Google reached a deal with news publishers in France.However it quickly came beneath scrutiny by the country’s competition watchdog on how it had approached negotiations with publishers. And this summer the French authority slammed Google $592 million for breaching order associated with the method — inculpative it of failing to conduct honesty negotiations and withholding key info relevant to work out payments.

France’s competition watchdog was conjointly sad that Google tried to unilaterally impose terms on publishers, seeking to push them to comply with a world news licensing product it had devised, referred to as Publisher Curated News, instead of discuss native terms, because the law needs.

It’s not clear if the authority’s aggressive social control against Google targeted minds at Facebook to ink its own upset on French publishers — not least as a result of the number it’s paying for content re-sharing isn’t being disclosed — however it in all probability helped.The French business enterprise alliance cluster who’s members have in agreement to terms with Facebook said solely that the deal would generate “significant finance,” notably accenting the revenue uplift it might generate for its smallest members.

Facebook declared that from January onwards it will be launching a French news service which will give a dedicated space to obtain content from reputable and trusted news source.

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