iOS 15.4 Causing High Battery Drainage? Users Complain On Twitter

Only a few days ago, Apple released a new version of the iOS operating system, dubbed iOS 15.4. iPhone owners, on the other hand, seem to have had a problem with the update. Many consumers who updated their iOS devices to the most recent iOS 15.4 version complained about their devices’ batteries draining more quickly than normal.

iPhone owners who were perplexed by what was occurring with their smartphones after upgrading to iOS 15.4 resorted to the micro-blogging website Twitter to report what was happening with their devices. A user goes by the name Maxim claims that the battery life on iOS 15.4 is “very terrible.” After 24 hours, the percentage is 80 per cent, but I’m just using Safari, YouTube, Instagram, and Uber, and my screen time is no more than 2 hours. In my case, while I was using iPhone 11, the battery would barely deplete by around 7 per cent.

‘Anyone experiencing battery troubles with the iOS 15.4 public release?’ asks another user named Joey. Since the update, my battery percentage has been acting strangely. Occasionally, I’ll have my phone charging at 95 percent or 97 percent, and then when I remove it, it’ll indicate 100 percent, perhaps 5 minutes later or after a restart, and then the battery will swiftly deplete itself. Weird.

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iPhone 13 Pro users have been experiencing a rapid battery depletion issue after the release of iOS 15.4. This issue has also been reported by iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 users, who are both experiencing this problem. One possible explanation for this is that Apple has increased the frequency at which they use 120Hz ProMotion on iPhones, which is causing the battery to deplete faster. However, this merely explains why iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max owners are experiencing difficulties. Owners of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have also reported experiencing the problem.

There is another reasonable explanation for the rapid battery depletion seen by iPhones after the iOS 15.4 upgrade, which explains why this was occurring. The explanations indicate that installing a new operating system on an iPhone causes several things to happen in the background, from indexing to recalibrating the battery, and that this might take many hours or even days to complete.

The cause of the problem appears to be the calibration process that occurs when a new version is installed. During this process, your iPhone will measure battery usage to adapt to your usage habits and maximize battery life. The fact that so many people are using their iPhones at the same time during this period is putting an unnecessary strain on their batteries and will artificially reduce battery life.

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While this consumes power, the battery calibration may give the appearance that the battery is emptying more quickly when, in reality, the opposite is true. Add to this the fact that there will be a large number of app upgrades after a new version, as well as a large number of new features accessible, all of which will place a further strain on an older device.

Is there a solution to the problem causing after iOS 15.4 update?

You should wait a few days for your iPhone to re-calibrate before becoming concerned. The likelihood is that your battery life will return to normal within a short period. In any case, depending on how old your phone is, it’s conceivable that your battery’s performance has begun to deteriorate. If there is a fault in iOS 15.4, Apple may issue a software update to optimize power usage.

In case you weren’t aware, iOS 15.4 has been released for several iPhone models, including the following: iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 mini; the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max; iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max; iPhone X, iPhone XS Max; the Apple Watch; the Apple iPhone X; the Apple iPhone XR; the Apple iPhone X; the Apple (7th generation).

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