Swaranjit Bajaj Buys 1st BMW C400 GT Recently Launched In India

Swaranjit Bajaj, also known as Swaran Paaji on social media and amongst bike riding enthusiasts, has become the first owner of the BMW C400 GT recently launched in India.

The recently launched BMW C400 GT comes with an ex-showroom cost label of Rs. 9.95 Lakh and suit of several features. Two-wheelers are a preferred mode of commute in India. Most people choose scooters as they offer comfort while commuting through heavy traffic and pretty good space for carrying goods. However, purchasing a scooter at the cost of mid-range compact SUVs seems out of range for many ordinary people. Unlike other countries, Indian people emphasize price and mileage when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.

The German auto manufacturer is still confident that its new offering to the Indian people will have a good response and claims that it has received more than 100 bookings for the C400 GT so far. Additionally, the Indian branch of BMW mentioned that they are accepting bookings for the scooter with an advance amount of Rs 1 lakh.

Why is the BMW C400 GT so expensive?

BMW C400 GT is imported to India as a Completely Built-Up unit, which means it’s built and assembled at a manufacturing plant situated outside India and sent to India as a whole. The Indian government taxes levied on the goods already built-up before its export are higher than those assembled in Indian manufacturing plants. If BMW manufactures the C400 GT maxi-scooter in India, the current price of the scooter can be reduced significantly. C400 GT is available at the cost of Rs 5-6 lakh in many countries.

The presently available scooters in India fall between Rs 80 thousand to 1 lakh 30 thousand and have a maximum 160 cc engine. While the BMW C400 GT sells for 10 lakh, almost ten times higher than most vehicles in the scooter segment, it has a 350 cc engine. Given its price, C400 GT will remain an object of enthusiasm for rich folks and BMW fans like Swaranjit Bajaj.

Swaranjit Bajaj has won the title of first Indian owner of BMW C400 GT. He booked the BMW scooter right after its launch in India and took it home on 12th October 2021. According to the sources, Swaranjit Bajaj paid Rs 12.87 lakh for the scooter and Rs 15 thousand for obtaining a vehicle registration number of his choice – 0001.

Who is Swaranjit Bajaj AKA Swaran Paaji?

Swaranjit Bajaj, also known as Swaran Paaji, is a Mumbai-based Punjabi entrepreneur.
He runs many businesses in the country. Panjab Sindh foods Pvt Ltd and Gurunanak Exports Pvt Ltd. are a few of his ventures operating in the food products and imports-exports industry.

He is a diehard lover of bikes and famous for his vast collection of antique bikes and cars.
He has rare vehicles in his fleet and is entitled as the sole owner in India of many bikes, including Honda Goldwing F6B, Indian Roadmaster Elite, Victory Vision, and BMW HP4.

Swaranjit Bajaj loves yellow color so much that he purchases the bikes and cars available in yellow color. One more exciting thing about him is all of his vehicles’ registration number is 0001.

Swaran Paaji is hugely popular for his bikes and car collection and often seen on automobiles niche YouTube videos. He has kept his vehicle collection open to see for all. His apartment parking area remains crowded with the visitors who have come to see his cars and bike collection.

What BMW C400 GT has to offer?

The BMW C400 GT comprises a 350 cc single-cylinder liquid cooling engine that can produce the power of 34 HP, a big windscreen, and a 6.5 inch TFT display that shows information like speed and navigation. The BMW scooter has a 12.8-liter fuel tank, and its company-proclaimed mileage is 20 to 25 kilometers per liter. The German Autocar Maker also asserts that with a top speed of 139kmph, the C400 GT is the fastest scooter in India at present.

Deep Gautam

Deep Gautam is an Editor at Tech Heralds.

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