Truecaller introduces new features for Android Users With Video Caller ID, Redesigned Interface

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Truecaller on Thursday launched version twelve of its caller ID app with an inventory of recent options. One among the most important additions is that the arrival of Video caller ID that lets users set a brief video that plays automatically after they call their friends and family. Truecaller twelve additionally comes with a redesigned interface that brings separate tabs for calls and SMS messages. Truecaller additionally integrated a call recording feature to record incoming and outgoing calls. The updated Truecaller additionally brings Ghost Call and Call Announce options for paid users.

With Video caller ID, you’ll be able to set a brief video that may play after you call from your contact list. You’ll be able to either record a video for the caller ID or select from the four preloaded templates. You may additionally begin seeing Video caller ID from your saved contacts and verified business calls.

You can manage your Video caller ID and whether or not you wish to receive Video caller ID from businesses and contacts by aiming to Settings > caller ID from the newest Truecaller app. Notably, the video you set as a caller ID are going to be kept within the Truecaller cloud.

The updated Truecaller app additionally brings a efficient interface where you may have separate tabs for calls and SMS messages. This can be in contrast to the present interface where you’ve got a Home shortcut to access calls and Truecaller for SMS.

With separate tabs, you’ll be able to get to any or all of your SMS, Truecaller group Chats, and direct chats with only 1 tap, the Sweden-based company said in an exceedingly release.

Truecaller additionally said that Truecaller for SMS has around fifteen crore users.

The new Truecaller update additionally brings call recording, that was initially introduced for Premium users and recently launched for beta testing. It’s currently offered for all Truecaller users — together with the paid and free ones.

Calls recorded in the Truecaller app is kept on the device storage and may be shared with others over email or through any messaging service. The call recording feature is offered as optional. Further, users will record voice calls either from the Full-Screen or appearing caller ID interface of the app.

Truecaller additionally said that callers won’t be prompted with a notification on whether or not their calls are recorded in the app.

In addition to the new options for all users, Truecaller has one by one increased user expertise for its paid subscribers by Ghost Call and Call Announce options. Ghost Call lets users fake to have received a call from their contacts.

You can set any name, number, or picture to form it to make it seem as if you’re obtaining a call from that person in the Ghost Call feature. You’ll be able to additionally select a contact from your telephone book that you simply wish to point out as the caller on your phone. Moreover, you’ll be able to schedule a Ghost call to look at your phone at a later time.

Truecaller says that the Ghost Call feature is supposed to assist folks get out of sticky things and play harmless pranks on friends.

The second feature for paid Truecaller users is that the call Announce feature that may let the app speak the caller ID for incoming phone calls aloud. It’ll work for each saved contacts and numbers known by Truecaller’s caller ID info. The feature will be accessible for each Truecaller ID Voice calls. Users may change call announce once sporting headphones.

Notably, Ghost call and Call Announce each are going to be offered solely to Premium and Gold users. whereas Truecaller Premium is offered at Rs. 529 a year or Rs. 179 for 3 months, the Gold membership is at Rs. 2,500 a year.

Truecaller said that the new options are going to be step by step extended for all users in India within the returning weeks and a number of other countries. A number of the options are already offered for access in beta. However, there’s no word on when we might see them on the iOS version of Truecaller.

Earlier on, Truecaller disclosed that it has around three hundred million monthly active users across the globe, with 73% of its users in India alone.

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