WhatsApp reportedly working on Communities feature for more groups

Evidence is mounting that WhatsApp is also acting on a Communities feature that might provide admins the power to make separate teams inside a larger community.

According to The Verge, the Communities feature seems to present admins a lot of power over groups. This includes the power to make teams inside teams, which can be just like how the channels are organized in an umbrella Discord community.

Admins may also be able to invite new users via a Community Invite Link and start sending messages to different members.

It’s difficult to inform however specifically these chats would possibly look right away, however as per reports, they seem to be end-to-end encrypted.

It conjointly feels like a refined style modification which can help to facilitate in distinguishing Communities from regular group chats. The community icons are squares with rounded corners, a format that WhatsApp had mistakenly enabled (and then quickly disabled) in the month of October. There is not much information on when the Communities will be officially rolled out.

By acting on a Communities feature, WhatsApp is also making an attempt to shut the widening gap between it and other competitive messaging apps like Signal and Telegram.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy caused confusion among users concerning what it might share with parent company Facebook, sparking a mass exodus to those different apps. Once WhatsApp went down along side Facebook’s entire network of apps last month, Telegram gained a walloping seventy million users.

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