Meta Company Sues Facebook Upon Using Its Name, Facebook Falls Prey To A Controversy Again

Deep Gautam
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Facebook has recently changed its name to Meta, but the decision of choosing “Meta” its news name seems to drag Facebook into controversy. A few days after Facebook changed its name, Meta Company, a Technology firm situated in Chicago, has reportedly gone to court against Facebook.

The founder of Meta Company, Nate Skulic, claimed that Facebook illegitimately used its name and snatched a livelihood from the company. Facebook first tried to acquire us (Meta Company), and when they could not succeed, they chose to bury the existence of Meta using the power of media, Nate Skulic swore in his official statement.

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, declared the rechristening of the namesake platform on 28 October, which also hosts WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Virtual Reality dedicated firm Oculus. From now onwards, Meta will serve as the parent company of the rest of the subsidiaries of Facebook, Meta, after the name change. However, Mark Zuckerberg has decided not to change the name of the platform. The last name, Facebook, will be retained on the website and its mobile applications for iOS and Android.

What meta company founder alleges?

Nate Skulic has accused Facebook of infringing his company’s trademark and rebranding themselves Meta without prior permission from the Meta Company. So, the Co-founder of Meta Company has decided to take the matter to court, demanding legal action against Facebook.

“Facebook failed to buy us. Therefore, it tried to bury us using the media. The rebranding is not shocking for us at all. It is what that can be expected from a company that constantly speaks about one thing and does another,” Nate Skulic pointed while putting allegations against Facebook.

“Facebook and the officers working for it are vicious and acting in bad faith, not only towards us but to all of humanity.” Nate Skulic accused.

Nate Skulic revealed that for the last three months, the legal team of Facebook has been contacting and persuading us to give up our company’s name.

“We turned down their deal on the basis of several reasons. Namely, the compensating deal was too low even to cover the costs of changing our name. Secondly, we were firm on learning about the company and its purpose behind persuading us to change our company’s name. But they did not agree on revealing their identity. Nate Skulic explained.

According to Nate Skulic, there were two law firms that were relentlessly contacting Meta Company – one in the United States that asked Meta Company to give up their trademark and domain, while the second is from Europe that insisted them sell their domains.

Having an association with a company always surrounded by controversy and obsessive on dominating, perhaps, nipping the rivals in the bud is so pitiful. We want to be different from Facebook’s dictatorial view of the future. We hope the friction with Facebook and its founder will be obliterated — but we can not forget the damages it has caused,” Nate Skull said.

Interestingly, another United States based company with the same name Meta PC is asking $20 million from Facebook to withdraw its company registration and leave the name for Facebook. Meta Pc deals in Computers, Laptops, Tabs, and Softwares.

Mark Zuckerberg justifies his decision of rebranding Facebook to Meta, saying the current name Facebook does not give a clear idea about everything that his company does now, and is still linked to a single product from his offerings. However, the detractors say the rebranding decision was

Mark Zuckerberg is optimistic about being acknowledged as a metaverse company. Meanwhile, Facebook has started showing a “from Meta” badge on the start up screen of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

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