Delhi On Yellow Alert! Restrictions To Be Imposed Immediately As Omicron Cases Record Spike In 2 Days

Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal has announced Delhi on Yellow alert immediately starting today. The decision to impose restrictions in the city resulted from increasing Omicron cases in the country, especially Delhi. He further said that a detailed order about the restrictions would be shared soon.

Delhi city yesterday reported the most significant spike in Omicron cases within a single day in the last six months, which was 331. According to the Graded Response Action Plan, the last two-day ratio of newly found Omicron cases was more than 0.5 per cent, which is more than enough to put Delhi on Yellow Alert.

The CM of Delhi held a meeting of the concerned officials to review the Omicron spread. After the meeting, Kejriwal said that the Omicron virus was rapidly spreading in the city, but the situation was then in control as infected people showed very mild symptoms. Delhi had crossed 0.5 per cent positivity rate in two consecutive days. Thus, the CM decided to put Delhi on Yellow alert.

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To contain the spike in Omicron, the latest variant of Covid, cases in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal claimed that “we are ten times more equipped than we were earlier.” He went on to say that the cases were mild and that, despite the increase in numbers, there was no upsurge in the use of oxygen or the usage of ventilators.

In the context of putting Delhi on Yellow alert, Mr Arvind Kejriwal pointed out that most people have stopped wearing masks while stepping out of the home and commuting through public transport. He additionally raised concern over people crowding at markets without safety measures such as wearing masks and social distancing.

The CM of Delhi warned the Delhi public that people should not crowd at public places and wear masks; otherwise, he would have no option but to impose strict restrictions resulting in market closure. Restrictions imposed in Delhi on Yellow Alert will limit people from stepping out from home between 11 pm to 5 am.

The Graded Response Action Plan consists of four levels; Yellow, Amber, Orange and Red. The ratio of positive cases, new Covid cases and availability of oxygen beds determine which level of Alert should be declared. The Yellow Alert or Level 1 alter is announced when the positivity rate of the Covid virus crosses 0.5 per cent for two days continuously.

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Restrictions To Be Imposed After Putting Delhi On Yellow Alert

Yellow Alert or Level 1 alert is the first among four levels set up by the government to curb the spread of the virus. Yellow Alert includes:

  1. Night curfew
  2. Closure of schools and colleges.
  3. Closure of shops of non-essential items.
  4. Reduced seating strength of metro trains
  5. Limiting wedding and funeral crowd

As a result of the Yellow Alert in Delhi, Share prices of PVR and INOX have tumbled significantly. According to Bloomberg, PVR’s stock sank 4.8 per cent to Rs 1,270 per share, while Inox’s stock declined approximately 2.6 per cent to Rs 342.40 per share. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has imposed limitations in the Delhi metropolis, ordering the instant closure of movie halls, theatres, banquet halls, auditoriums, gymnasium, and sports facilities, among other facilities.

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