Omicron Cases On Rapid Spread! Centre Says Delta Still Dominates Omicron

The central government of India assumes the sudden rise in Omicron cases, a new variant of Corona is a result of the rapid spread of the virus all around the world. India’s transmission rate of the virus stands at 1.22, which shows the widespread of the virus across India. India is witnessing more than 10,000 new cases every day, and about 32 states and union territories have reported Omicron cases.

While referring to the increasing number of Omicron cases in the country, officials mentioned that the previous variant of Corona called Delta is still prevalent. The government further noted that the intensity concerns of the Omicron cases have not yet been settled. However, the symptoms of Omicron seem mild if compared to the previous variants. To determine the extent of severity of the rapidly spreading virus, studies are being conducted relentlessly.

There was a significant decline in corona cases in the past few months. Given that, the testing was also reduced throughout the country. But now, with the rise in Omicron cases, the central government has ordered the states and union territories to boost the testing to detect the positive cases at the quickest and prevent further spread of the virus.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Narendra Modi undertakes regular meetings to review the status of Omicron cases and the readiness of health systems, and Union Health Minister Manuskh Mandaviya meets with specialists and top leaders on a daily basis to evaluate the current situation.

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The central government of India has also written to eight states and union territories that have seen a sharp rise in Omicron cases, urging them to improve testing, boost hospital readiness, accelerate the rate and coverage of the Covid vaccination drive, and impose strict existing restrictions to keep the disease from spreading further. Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Karnataka, West Bengal, Gujarat and Jharkhand are among the states that have witnessed the maximum Omicron cases. It has been requested that states maintain vigilance in light of the recent surge in internal travel.

Districts having more than 10 percent positivity rate, which was previously 2 in last week, has now increased to eight. Fourteen districts have a positivity rate between 5-10 percent. These states comprise West Bengal, Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka.

The central government said that there is no reason to worry because the country is well equipped in terms of extensive vaccination coverage, health facilities, and services, but they advised against becoming complacent. “As a country, we have years of experience and a vast shield of vaccination coverage that is high. The time to panic has passed; but, the time to be equipped, accountable, and obedient has arrived.

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According to a report featured in the journal Cell, the Omicron variant is relatively immune to antibodies taken by those who have recovered from COVID-19 infection, as well as those who have received two jabs of the Pfizer vaccine.

The study also reveals that Pfizer’s vaccine, combined with AstraZeneca’s preventives, may give sufficient immunity against the variant.

In a statement to PTI, author Markus Hoffmann of the German Primate Center said, “Our cell culture research suggests that the majority of antibodies now used for COVID-19 treatment would be ineffective against Omicron.”

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