Twitter’s Ex-CEO Plans To Launch Web 5.0

web 5.0

People can reclaim custody of their data by hosting it on their own devices and accessing it from any location of their choosing, thanks to a new version of the Internet known as Web 5.0. This version of the Internet was recently released.

Jack Dorsey, a former CEO of Twitter, has announced his plans to build a new version of the web known as Web 5.0. This web version would utilize blockchain technology to give data owners greater control over their information. Dorsey’s plans were made public.

Using blockchain technology, the primary objective of Web 5.0 is to provide data owners with increased control over the information they save about themselves.

According to the central concept driving its development, this new version of the web will provide users with increased control over their data by enabling them to keep it on their own devices and access it in any location of their choosing.

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It is anticipated that this next version of the Internet will be deployed in 2030, making it possible to share personal information online while maintaining a higher level of security.

It is anticipated that this next version of the Internet will be deployed in 2030, making it possible to share personal information online while maintaining a higher level of security.

Web 5.0, the most recent version, is now active during development. Despite this, several people have referred to it as a hybrid of Web 1.0 and Web 3.0. Web 5.0 will offer more valuable capabilities than any previous Internet generation.

The Web 5.0 platform will provide more useful features than any Internet generation that came before it. The version of Web 5.0 that Dorsey outlines, on the other hand, stands out from the crowd because of his assertion that it would be “really” decentralized. This indicates that neither governments nor intermediaries can handle or store consumers’ data.

As a direct result, neither national governments nor massive technology corporations can exercise control over the information flow on the Internet.

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To put it another way, no centralized authority can monitor and track every piece of information that is transferred via computers and other devices linked to the Internet. There is no way for intermediaries like Facebook or Google to obtain all of their users’ data and then sell it to other companies.

Web 5.0 does not rely on centralized servers owned by large companies; instead, it depends on decentralized peer-to-peer networks. Within these networks, all users have equal access to the resources and information stored on their devices or computers, and geographical borders or political boundaries do not limit them.

Users will need a digital wallet that can store their identity, data, and authorizations to access the decentralized version of Web 5.0. This wallet will be required for users. They will be able to continue using the social networks they already have without creating a profile if they do this.

Because the confirmed identity of the user is already kept in the digital wallet, it will not be necessary for them to create a profile by utilizing a decentralized social networking program. Users will appreciate the time savings and the ease with which they may switch between programs.

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As long as the user grants the new vendor access to their data, all of the user’s previously created playlists and preferences will be accessible via the new vendor even if the user switches between various music applications or video services.

This is because the user’s settings are stored in the digital wallet. Moreover, because all of the user’s settings are stored in the digital wallet means that all of the user’s settings are stored in the digital wallet. Users are now able to share their information with numerous service providers as a result of the fact that the user’s decentralized digital wallet may hold all of these personal settings and preferences.

Jack Dorsey steps down as Twitter CEO; Parag Agrawal becomes the successor

The news comes as Twitter has accelerated the pace of its product innovation over the past year to vie with social media rivals like Facebook INC and TikTok, and to achieve its goal of doubling annual revenue by 2023.

Twitter INC Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey is reportedly stepping down from his role and Chief Technology Officer and Parag Agrawal will become his successor, Twitter proclaimed on weekday.

“Deep gratitude for Jack and our entire team, then abundant excitement for the long run,” Agrawal, an IIT-Bombay grad, aforementioned in a very tweet in conjunction with a note.

“The world is observing us now, even more then they have before. Numerous individuals are progressing to have scores of completely different views and opinions regarding today’s news. It’s as a result of their care regarding Twitter and our future, and it’s a sign that the work we have to do here matters,” Agrawal wrote.

The news comes as Twitter has accelerated the pace of its product innovation over the past year to vie with social media rivals like Facebook INC and TikTok, and to achieve its goal of doubling annual revenue by 2023.

Twitter wasn’t instantly available for comment.
Shares of the microblogging platform surged on Sep 11 in early selling, whereas those of digital payments firm sq. INC, of which Dorsey is additionally a chief executive, were up 3%. Trading within the shares was then suspended sooner than an expected announcement.

Dorsey co-founded Twitter in 2006 and have become corporate executive the subsequent year.

In 2008, Co-founder EV Williams and member Fred Wilson pushed out Dorsey because the social media web site gained steam with users and that they determined he was unfit to steer the corporate.

But once years of stagnant growth and a slumping share value, Dorsey came back as a corporate executive in 2015 whereas continued to steer the company.

In the early 2020, Dorsey faced calls from Elliott Management firm to step down, Once the hedge fund argued that he was paying insufficient attention to Twitter whereas conjointly running payments process company sq. INC. Dorsey fended off the pressure by giving Elliott and its ally, acquisition firm Silver Lake Partners, seats on Twitter’s board.

You can now listen to Twitter Spaces without an account

Twitter no longer wants you to make an account to listen to spaces. The social media platform’s competitor clubhouse recently opened audio chat rooms to everybody on iOS and android.

Now it has created it even easier for individuals to join spaces. If they only wish to listen in, a host of a space can share direct links to their chat rooms with others and you’ll be able to peek in to visualize what the discussion is regarding through the web app on a browser. To participate, you’ll need to register or create an account.

Twitter has been adding tons of functionality to flush out the space experience. The most recent of that was a choice for hosts to record their spaces audio sessions. The host can get access to the their recordings for consequent thirty days. For now, the feature is limited to iOS users, with android support coming shortly.

The audio chat room market has been booming, with social media platforms all stepping in to challenge clubhouse. Facebook has proclaimed its providing known as Facebook Hotline, Spotify has greenroom, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is functioning on one. Organisational communication platform Slack has also announced its interest, Discord recently launched Stage Channels and Reddit has additionally thrown its hat within the ring.

However, Clubhouse is not slowing down and recently proclaimed that India had become its largest Android market with over 1,000,000 users.

Twitter launches Spaces recording feature to test on iOS, global launch to follow

Twitter declared last month it might presently introduce associate degree choice that enables hosts to record their live audio sessions in Twitter areas to form them obtainable for replay. whereas the corporate at the time same the feature would launch in an exceedingly “few months,” it’s not stunning that, given Twitter’s accelerated pace of development, the corporate is rolling out its 1st iteration of the feature beginning nowadays.

Initially, the areas Recording choice are can created obtainable to a restricted variety of Twitter areas hosts on iOS and every one listeners on iOS and robot worldwide. Twitter says the primary users to receive access are those that were within the original areas Beta. it’ll then roll out the feature to the remainder of the Twitter audience in an exceedingly few a lot of weeks, the corporate says.

To use the feature, a areas host can produce their live audio space by giving their area a title and choosing up to 3 tags to explain what the room’s concerning, as usual. they’ll then toggle on the new setting, “Record area,” before sound on the “Start a Space” button to start their live audio session.

If in an exceedingly Twitter area that’s being recorded, participants can see a “Rec” button with a red dot next thereto at the highest of the area as a sign that the recording is current.

When the host is prepared to finish the area, they’ll faucet on the “End” button at the top-right as they might otherwise, and can then be given with a pop-up box that asks them to verify they need to finish each the area and stop the recording.

Once wrapped, the recording of the area may be shared across Twitter’s platform, permitting listeners to play it back at any time or re-share it themselves. Twitter doesn’t nevertheless have associate degree audio export choice obtainable, we’re told. Instead, users would need to request a transfer of their information to access the recordings directly.

Live audio grew in quality because the COVID-19 pandemic surged, because it gave one thing for locked-down users to try and do whereas stuck reception. however the attractiveness has somewhat dwindled as COVID restrictions upraised and folks began to venture back out. fashionable live audio app building, for instance, saw app installs decline earlier this year, however jump once more with associate degree robot unharness. However, the app conjointly round-faced insulating material engagement in some rising markets, like India, and struggled with its creator program.

Recently, building distended its feature set to supply choices that may yield asynchronous listening, as well as support for clips, replays and audio exports — tools that area unit pushing the app nearer to being a podcast creation platform, instead of simply a live audio network. (It’s truly a surprise Apple hasn’t snatched it up to become associate degree in-house rival to Spotify’s Anchor.)

Other Twitter Spaces’ competitors, as well as Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms and newer startups like hearth and Callin, conjointly support audio recordings.

With most of the live audio landscape currently grasp recordings, Twitter had to catch up.

The release follows shortly when many alternative updates to Twitter areas, as well as yesterday’s launch of a areas check that brings the dedicated areas Tab to robot users associate degreed an update conveyance easier DM invitations. Twitter will currently feature fashionable areas within the Explore / Trending tab on iOS to extend their visibility.