Google Pay users in India will soon be able to split bills, interact in Hinglish, and sell their products online

Big Tech Google has announced many options for its payment and UPI app Google Pay during the Google for India 2021 event. The Tech Giant highlighted the importance of digital payments amidst the pandemic and showcased the approaching options on its app.

Ambarish Kenghe, Vice chairman, Google Pay had said that BHIM UPI clocks 3.6 billion transactions monthly, reaching an overall dealing quantity of whopping $1 trillion on annual basis.

He said that Google Pay has over fifteen billion transactions annually and quite $400 billion worth of transactions are done on the app.

Bill split

After adding teams to Google Pay, the brand is functioning on adding the Bill split feature, permitting users to simply split expenses with friends and family. This may be done by either the cluster feature or contacts.
Google Pay will assist you to track the payments that your friends have made once you’ve got to split the bill.

Hinglish support

Google Pay can presently get support for “Hinglish”, that could be a combination of English and Hindi. Google has said that over 350 million Indians use Hinglish in their daily communication.
Google can add support for Hinglish in the early 2022, permitting users to remodel the app to a Hinglish interface.

Some of the terms that may be shown once the interface language is changed to Hinglish are –

  • Phone number ko pay karein.

QR code ko scan karein.
Haal hi ke payments (Recent Payments).
Naam ya range se khojein

Inventory for Merchants

Google Pay presently has over ten million merchants across the 19,000 pin codes in India. Merchants can presently be able to add their merchandise, operating hours and a lot of other options directly within the Google Pay app.

Shop Owners are going to be able to add the merchandise image, price, discounts and a lot more to the app. This may enable small shop owners to sell their merchandise on-line while not having to fret regarding fitting a web site or an app for their merchandise.

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