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Current Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg) now has some of the most widely adopted social media platforms ever-Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger-in his dozen arsenal-Facebook. Intend to merge the functionality of one application into another and have been doing this for 5 years. A few examples of such scenarios are the status function of WhatsApp, which is similar to the Instagram story function.

Another example is the “Browse” option and the “View on Facebook” option provided on Facebook, similar to IGTV. All these network updates are similar, but this raises the question of whether Facebook will create one for all social media platforms. If so, where will it end, and if not, what will the event and the latest update be? On June 7, 2021, social media consultant and In Geekout Foundation Matt Navarra released screenshots of the Facebook application developed beyond Instagram.

This update will appear in the story feed of the user’s news feed. Matt’s tweet emphasized that Facebook will share the story. Uploaded to your news source by your friends. Today, all the content available in the news feed will only be displayed when viewed when interacting through sharing, reacting, or posting a comment. Facebook intends to provide new updates similar to the way it works, but a small update will revolve around the display of history.

When a person stops viewing a friend’s story, the friend will be notified and any similar interactions will be reported on it. The update has not yet been released, and the update itself will be available to users shortly after passing beta testing and consumer surveys. Many people think with us about Mark Zuckerberg’s plan for reign and how it will change. The face of social media Many people have different ideas and results, but one thing is certain: they provide a better user experience and more choices for everyone.

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