YouTube dislike button to hide dislike counter to ‘discourage trolls’ but ‘unhelpful for users’

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YouTube has amended to hide dislike counter shown under the YouTube dislike button. So, users can no longer see the amount of dislikes a video possesses.

The platform says it has created the amendment to guard users from “dislike bombing” and to cut back “stress and embarrassment” for creators.

Dislike bombing is said to be a coordinated move for folks to dislike a video to put off potential viewers.

Some content creators have told Radio one Newsbeat the move is “not terribly helpful”, however others say it would facilitate their mental state.

The amendment hasn’t been unrolled totally nevertheless – and YouTube’s announcement of the move has had 53,000 dislikes up to now.

Content creators can still be able to see the entire dislikes for his or her own videos.

Why YouTube dislike button won’t show dislike count?

“It can discourage tons of troll and tons of mean-spirited folks on the web that wish to do to put down different people’s artistic work,” says rapper Kenzo Jae.

The 18-year-old uni student, from Bradford, promotes his music on YouTube and solely has around two hundred subscribers.

It’s small-scale content creators like Kenzo that YouTube says are most protected by its call to cover dislike totals.

Kenzo says that he will feel “apprehension” regarding what the reception to his videos can be, which removing the hate totals may facilitate creators’ mental state.

“You may place your heart and soul into one thing and it may not start off the way you would like it to with likes or dislikes – which will be discouraging,” he says.

“On my Instagram account I’ve taken all likes off and it’s extremely helpful with not caring about the number of individuals liking it.”

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YouTube tested out concealing the hate total from users earlier this year and says it has been shown to cut back co-ordinated attacks by online trolls who might work along to rack up vast dislike tallies on people’s content.

Some folks will still see the hate totals but YouTube is step by step rolling out the new feature, in order that it will not last for much longer.

Many users have aforesaid they will miss the hate totals. There is said to be lots of comments saying “RIP dislikes” on one in every of YouTube’s most-disliked videos ever, a clip by YouTube star PewDiePie that got 5.6m dislikes once he referred fans to dislike it.

Chris Burton says he’ll miss the totals as they “can be extremely helpful” for users to avoid clickbait.

“You wish to right away see how sensible the video is, before you watch it,” the 27-year-old from Hampshire says.

“A ton of the time, you cannot trust the title or thumbnail. If you see a tutorial video and it’s got most dislikes, you recognize it isn’t attending to assist you.”

Chris runs the channel Half-Asleep Chris where he takes part in positive projects like picking up the litters and creating large Lego tracks.

He says he “struggles to see” how YouTube’s call protects him from stress, as he’ll still be able to see the entire dislikes as a creator.

Chris says it “certainly eliminates the bullying aspect” of “dislike bombing”, however adds: “I do not assume this as an approach 99% of individuals use the hate button for.”

He says he is proud of the tools YouTube already provides to prevent online bullies.

“It already auto-blocks tons of hateful comments that is astounding. It holds them for review, and that they do not go live unless I manually click them.”

As well as concealing some or all comments, creators have discovered a feature already exists to cover likes and dislikes, that YouTubers will activate if they need to.

Some folks have questioned whether or not YouTube created the move as a result of the most-disliked video ever on the platform happens to be one of their own.

YouTube Rewind 2018 has over nineteen million dislikes, compared with 3 million likes.

YouTube says this is not why the amendment has been created.

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