Recent feature to move music across multiple Echo devices using Alexa

Amazon has released a latest update to its Alexa devices, which can modify its users to maneuver their music, radio programmes, or podcast episodes between multiple Echo devices.

This implies if you’ve multiple Alexa devices in your home, you’ll be able to currently move music between them with easy voice commands.

For instance, if you’re paying attention to music on your bedroom Alexa speaker and wish to continue that within the front room, you’ll be able to say “Alexa pause” and move to the room and command “Alexa, resume music here”.

The feature works with all Echo devices together with Echo Auto vehicle and Echo Buds.You can additionally take your favorite play list, podcast or station with you after you leaveyour home with Echo Buds or Echo Auto vehicle.

Merely place in your Echo Buds, connect them to your phone and say, “Alexa, move my music here.” you’ll be able to additionally take your music with you on your next drive.

Just say, “Alexa, pause” to the Echo device enjoying music in your home, connect Echo Auto vehicle to your phone once in your automotive, and say, “Alexa, resume music.”

Meanwhile, Amazon has not provided any details on the moving audio feature on obtaining for third-party Alexa devices.

Further, Alexa and Netflix have additionally partnered to let users watch their favorite movies and tv series Fire TV device. From the Fire TV home screen, simply use your Alexa Voice remote and say, “Alexa, Play something on Netflix” and Netflix can launch a show.

Plus, you’ll be able to raise Alexa from across the area hands-free with the recently launched Fire TV Omni Series.

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