Xiaomi working on a tech that uses sound to charge devices

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Xiaomi is working on a new technology, that can charge your device with Voice!

The new technology is still a long way from public implementation. It is said that Xiaomi is working on a new charging technology, after which you may no longer need a charging cable & adapter. There is no doubt that the charging method of smartphones has changed a lot in the past years Like Xiaomi, More and more companies are now turning to wireless charging power, but if everything goes according to plan, Xiaomi technology may revolutionize smartphone charging.

According to a report by GizChina, Xiaomi has filed a patent application with the national agency China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), suggesting that the smartphone manufacturer is developing a charging technology that can provide sound to the device. Two components are being studied: a sound suppression device, multiple energy conversion devices, and an energy conversion device.

The Xiaomi power conversion device converts the vibrations of the environment into mechanical vibrations, and then into alternating current. The converter device converts alternating current to direct current.

If Xiaomi can really implement this technology, we will no longer need a charging cable or charging dock; however, this sounds too ambitious at this point, and it will take time before the technology is being ready for public use.

Xiaomi is very active in charging technology. We already know that it is developing a 200W fast charging solution, which may make its debut on flagship phones later this year, and also introduces Mi Air technology use. Wirelessly charge multiple devices at the same time. For a practical use case, however, the technology seems too good to be true, at least for now.

“Charging multiple devices at the same time while playing games, walking, or even on the road, without the need to connect to the Internet. Wireless charging technology has taken a big step forward,” wrote the official company ID on Twitter, which can pinpoint the location of the charging device. The 144 antenna phase control array can transmit millimeter waves through beam forming. Xiaomi currently owns 17 Mi Air Charge technology patents.

The new wireless charging technology can also charge smartwatches and other wearable devices. However, some people worry about the health effects of this technology on users.

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