Instagram Introduces Take A Break Feature In India

Deep Gautam
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Social media plays an integral role in our lives. It is helpful to us in numerous ways, but it could also be a waste of time if not for anxiety and melancholy. Addiction to social platforms is a serious issue. To take a step against it, Instagram has announced the role of the Take A Break feature in India.

THE take A Break feature was already live on the Instagram app in the US, UK, and Canada since December last year, and now the company has decided to introduce the Take A Break feature in India. The feature will help people balance their time spent on the app and offline. Currently, the feature is only available for iOS devices and will soon launch for Android devices.

Additionally, a  campaign titled “Break Zaroori Hai” will raise awareness about the Take a Break feature. During the campaign, a short clip will be presented of the Facebook-owned platforms to demonstrate circumstances in which young people might benefit from this feature to their advantage.

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What Take A Break Feature Will Do?

After a specific amount of time has passed, the Take a Break feature will be shown to users, suggesting that they’ve been using the app for an unreasonable amount of time. Users will be recommended to take some time off to re-energize their bodies and minds.  Instagram will recommend users turn on notifications to take more breaks while using the app as an additional feature.  Instagram will also make expert-provided recommendations available to people to help them re-plan their usage.  Take A Break feature will be promoted to young people to ensure they are aware of it. Users now can put the upper limit on their Instagram usage and set reminders to inform them about the total time spent on Instagram.

Take a Break feature will be added to the Instagram Time Management tools as part of the rollout of the new feature. Additionally, Instagram will have the option to deactivate notification sound effects. The application, which was previously only accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, is now open to everyone in the world.

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In her role as public policy manager for Instagram at Facebook India, Natasha Jog says, “We are committed to delivering that young generation feel good about spending time on Instagram and that their interaction on the app is as positive as possible.” “We are focused on making sure that time spent on Instagram is purposeful and that people feel good about their interaction,” she says.

It’s all about it. In this context, we’ve introduced ‘Take a Break feature,’ which aims to provide youngsters and guardians with a meaningful Instagram experience. To maintain our commitment to fostering a secure atmosphere on Instagram, we will continue to run this campaign.

Ultimately, the goal is to assist the younger generation in exploring their interests on Instagram by building an atmosphere where they may have a sense of belonging. According to the company, Instagram will also roll out tools for parents as part of this commitment in the coming months.

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Over the next year, the firm plans to provide additional capabilities that will enable parents to monitor and enforce time limitations for their children’s use of Instagram, among other things. Also, teens who do not follow them will not be tagged or mentioned, long-term users will be encouraged to move away from a single topic after some time, and Instagram will be stringent about which posts, hashtags, and accounts it suggests so that possibly harmful content does not end up on a teenager’s feed.

On Instagram, Meta wants to invest in making picture and video sharing more straightforward, giving additional creative and monetization options for content producers, assisting them in discovering and engaging with relevant Reels, and allowing consumers to find and connect with the material on Reels. Mark Zuckerberg said that the firm is presently changing its platform to short-form videos, such as Reels, and that the move would take time. Therefore, they are now replacing “some time in News Feed and other higher-monetising surfaces,” according to the company.

Take A Break feature first appeared in November last year as part of Instagram’s testing effort, and it has since been improved. Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s director of marketing, said that the take a break feature would encourage individuals to look at other subjects if they were concentrating on postings that may contribute to bad social comparisons.

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