Instagram NFT Feature To Be Available In 100+ Countries

Instagram NFT Feature To Be Available In 100+ Countries

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has recently announced that they will make the Instagram NFT feature available to more than a hundred nations. The Coinbase Wallet, Dapper Wallet, and Flow blockchain are partnered with the company. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, asked that the company wants to expand the tokens support on Instagram, which is a video & image sharing platform. 

Previously, a test of the tokens was already launched in May. As these tokens become available to more than a hundred nations, businesses in Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and the Americas can begin transferring the tokens on the video-sharing social media platform. 

According to TechCrunch, previously, a few chosen creators of the United States got the support. In addition, as per the statement from the company, they considered Coinbase Wallet and Dapper Wallet as third-party wallets. Now, users of the platform can transfer tokens and connect a digital wallet and tag collector with the help of the functionality of tokens. Instagram is linked with third-party party Web3 wallets.

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The company used digital collectables to display the tokens on the social media platform. It was published on May 10, 2022. According to the sources, the company will provide earnings quarterly for Q2 2022. However, criticism came from the co-founder of Ethereum price trend on the metaverse attempts on July 30.

What did Meta say about Instagram NFT feature? 

The company said on Thursday that there are no costs linked with transferring a digital collectable on the platform as long as the token roll out. 

Meta, previously called Facebook, began experimenting with the feature in July. It enables users of the platform to see their tokens. If you are a user and want to post a token, you must link your account to a digital wallet. Instagram is compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, and Flow blockchains now and different Cryptocurrency Exchange. Bitcoin Trading is something that controls the market also. 

Creators inspire users daily to push culture ahead. Blockchain Crypto Exchange technology allows them to leverage new tools through which they can earn money. If you want to support your favourite creator, you should buy any art, pictures and videos, music, or trading cards, all of which are digital collectables. Facebook experienced a fallout in public perception. But later in October 2021, it renamed its brand and changed Facebook to Meta. The company also said it would focus on digital interactions, start Reality Labs and create a metaverse. 

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Although it announced to do these, about 77% of people were not willing that Meta would create a metaverse. Along with this, Meta has shown how much it is determined to grow itself with a recent trademark filing. The company filed five new trademark applications with the Trademark Office and the U.S. Patent on May 13. 

There existed an application which is for a crypto payment platform. In this regard, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, said that the application might implement the technology last year. After that, Mark Zuckerberg asked in mid-March 2022 that Instagram bring tokens to the platform. Remember that Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom set up the platform in 2010. 

No Language Left Behind Project Will Make FB & Instagram Translations More Accurate

No Language Left Behind Project Will Make FB & Instagram Translations More Accurate

A new project at Meta called No Language Left Behind is helping people connect with each other across languages and cultures. The social media conglomerate which owns Facebook and Instagram has developed a single AI model that is capable of translating across 200 distinct languages. Many of those languages are not supported by the commercial tools that are available at the moment, including several obscure languages that have little digital resources.

The corporation has decided to release the No Language Left Behind project code for the project into the public domain in the expectation that other organisations may improve upon it. The artificial intelligence model is being developed as part of an enormous research and development initiative being undertaken by Meta to construct a so-called “universal speech translator.”

No Language Left Behind project for meta

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The world is becoming increasingly globalized, and people are trying to communicate more easily with one another. The result is that the world’s languages are proliferating, and there are far fewer resources available to translate them all.

One way to help solve this problem is through machine translation. In fact, Meta has already developed a number of AI models to assist in this effort. One such model, called NLLB (No Language Left Behind), was developed by researchers at Meta.

Meta has also recently begun developing two new machine translation projects for the purpose of making it easier for individuals who speak languages that are uncommon or have limited resources available to connect with one another.

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Mark Comments On No Language Left Behind Project

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Meta, said that the company’s goal is to assist users in improving their connections in the present while also preparing them to participate in the metaverse of the future. Researchers working on artificial intelligence at Meta developed a project called “No Language Left Behind” (NLLB), which is said to be capable of translating more than 200 distinct languages at this point.

The AI modelling approaches that we employed from No Language Left Behind are assisting us in producing high-quality translations on Facebook and Instagram for languages that are spoken by billions of people all over the globe.

In order to ensure that the experiences are accessible to everyone, Metaverse has developed FLORES-200, a dataset that provides researchers with the ability to examine the performance of this AI model in 40,000 distinct language directions. This will help create better evaluations and improve NLLB-200’s capabilities.

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According to Meta, there are less than 25 African languages that are covered by the translation technologies that are now accessible. The newly discovered information could reduce the likelihood of these negative outcomes and enhance user experiences. Metaverse has the capability of developing technologies that function effectively in a greater variety of languages, which will contribute to the democratisation of access to immersive experiences inside virtual worlds.

Get Ready For 7 New Instagram DM Features

instagram dm features

Meta seems to have been on a mission to incorporate news features into its platforms rapidly. Following the introduction of Instagram’s chronological feed only a few days ago and the subsequent announcement of big upgrades to the WhatsApp voice chats function, the company has now unveiled a total of seven new Instagram DM features.

The changes are intended to improve the Direct Messaging experience on the platform. These new Instagram DM features include the ability to share song previews in DMs and the ability to send a message discreetly, as well as the ability to see who else is available to chat with. You can also reply to the messages while browsing your feed, and you’ll be able to share your reaction without having to go back and forth between apps.

Instagram made some modifications to the way users can interact with their social media accounts today. According to the company, these changes are part of a bigger plan to enhance the way consumers interact with and share with their friends.

In particular, Instagram’s rollout of a chronological feed, as well as Following and Favorites, which enable users to view posts ordered without the use of algorithms, follows closely on the heels of this announcement. The Favorites feed enables users to manually choose a list of their closest friends or favourite content creators to keep a closer eye on, while the Following option just organises content in the order they were published.

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new instagram dm features coming

What improvements are included in new Instagram DM features ?

1. Users can now share the previews of songs for as long as 30 seconds with their friends. Music Preview sharing features are a great help when you want the person you are talking with to hear your favourite song. Instagram has collaborated with music streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music to make this feature more effective.

2. Reply to the messages and keep the conversations going on while browsing through the Instagram feed. Until today, the users had to go DM section to reply to each message, which would intervene in their scrolling through the reels or explore page.

3. Just like Facebook Messenger, the online status of friends is visible at the top of the DM section.

4. The users can click and hold the share button to easily share the post with a selected friend.

5. Send messages silently to someone. If you think the person you want to send the message to is busy at the moment, you can add @silent at the beginning of the message.

6. Set the background for your chat screen. This feature helps the users to personalize their chat screen.

7. Users can create polls in group chats.

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It’s important to note that some of these new features will only be available to users who have upgraded to Instagram’s improved messaging experience, and will allow for cross-app communication between Instagram and Messenger.

Instagram’s inbox gained numerous new features as part of this update, including the option to alter the chat colour, respond with emoticons, co-watch videos, and more. Users who have not yet opted into the updated messaging experience will only be able to access the music sharing, new chat layout, and quick-send capabilities, according to the business.

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Instagram Reinstates Chronological Feeds After 6 Years

chronological feeds

Instagram is rolling out chronological feeds that will let you see what’s happening on your feed that you surely won’t want to miss. The new feature, which will be available in the iOS version of the app, will allow you to sort your feed by favourites and see everything in chronological order. The photo-sharing platform reintroduced its favourites and following feeds, replaced by an algorithmically-driven news feed in 2016.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, CEO Adam Mosseri explained that Instagram is returning to a chronological model of the platform’s feed. The new chronological feed will be available starting today on iOS devices.

The chronological feeds mode of the Instagram will enable users to see photos and videos from accounts they follow more naturally by seeing content from their friends and family first. This change is first introduced on the iOS platform, while the information about launching the same feature for the Android platform is still sparse.

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chronological feeds
Source: Meta

The new feed settings can be found by tapping on the Instagram logo on the app’s screen. You’ll be able to choose between two different feeds: Following and Favorites. If all you want is a chronological list of the photographs and videos that the accounts you follow upload, then Following is the feed you’ll want to subscribe to. Meanwhile, Favorites will allow you to pick up to 50 accounts from which you will view posts first, followed by a chronological list of anything else you have selected.

For the last five years, the social media platform has utilized an algorithmic-based feed that sorts posts based on various factors, including which accounts you interact with most frequently and the times at which you tend to be active on the platform. However, this new feature will not replace the algorithmic feed; instead, it is an additional offering that can be selected as a user’s primary feed.

Although Instagram has explained this decision regarding its users’ desires, there are also benefits for Instagram itself.
The return of several features is a welcome sight, but there’s an interesting story behind why these adjustments were made. The company’s decision to make this change came after CEO Adam Mosseri said during a Senate hearing in December that chronological feeds will be reinstated in response to concerns that such algorithms were misleading consumers.

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Here’s how to use Favorites and Following.

Favourites help you keep up with the latest posts from your favourite Instagram accounts. When you select an account as a Favorite, that account’s posts will show up in your Favorites feed and at the top of your home page feed. Followers are accounts whose posts you’ll see in chronological order on the Following feed. You can choose to follow or unfollow an account at any time.

Both Favorites and Following will display posts in chronological order, allowing you to quickly catch up on the most recent entries on your favourite topics.

In the last three years, Instagram has been ignoring the complaints of their users in regards to their algorithm-based feed. This year, they finally decided to listen and reinstate chronological feeds. By implementing this algorithm, they get closer to a solution that might satisfy their users. Twitter did this three years ago, and now, Instagram is doing it as well.

Instagram Introduces Take A Break Feature In India

take a break feature

Social media plays an integral role in our lives. It is helpful to us in numerous ways, but it could also be a waste of time if not for anxiety and melancholy. Addiction to social platforms is a serious issue. To take a step against it, Instagram has announced the role of the Take A Break feature in India.

THE take A Break feature was already live on the Instagram app in the US, UK, and Canada since December last year, and now the company has decided to introduce the Take A Break feature in India. The feature will help people balance their time spent on the app and offline. Currently, the feature is only available for iOS devices and will soon launch for Android devices.

Additionally, a  campaign titled “Break Zaroori Hai” will raise awareness about the Take a Break feature. During the campaign, a short clip will be presented of the Facebook-owned platforms to demonstrate circumstances in which young people might benefit from this feature to their advantage.

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What Take A Break Feature Will Do?

After a specific amount of time has passed, the Take a Break feature will be shown to users, suggesting that they’ve been using the app for an unreasonable amount of time. Users will be recommended to take some time off to re-energize their bodies and minds.  Instagram will recommend users turn on notifications to take more breaks while using the app as an additional feature.  Instagram will also make expert-provided recommendations available to people to help them re-plan their usage.  Take A Break feature will be promoted to young people to ensure they are aware of it. Users now can put the upper limit on their Instagram usage and set reminders to inform them about the total time spent on Instagram.

Take a Break feature will be added to the Instagram Time Management tools as part of the rollout of the new feature. Additionally, Instagram will have the option to deactivate notification sound effects. The application, which was previously only accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, is now open to everyone in the world.

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In her role as public policy manager for Instagram at Facebook India, Natasha Jog says, “We are committed to delivering that young generation feel good about spending time on Instagram and that their interaction on the app is as positive as possible.” “We are focused on making sure that time spent on Instagram is purposeful and that people feel good about their interaction,” she says.

It’s all about it. In this context, we’ve introduced ‘Take a Break feature,’ which aims to provide youngsters and guardians with a meaningful Instagram experience. To maintain our commitment to fostering a secure atmosphere on Instagram, we will continue to run this campaign.

Ultimately, the goal is to assist the younger generation in exploring their interests on Instagram by building an atmosphere where they may have a sense of belonging. According to the company, Instagram will also roll out tools for parents as part of this commitment in the coming months.

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Over the next year, the firm plans to provide additional capabilities that will enable parents to monitor and enforce time limitations for their children’s use of Instagram, among other things. Also, teens who do not follow them will not be tagged or mentioned, long-term users will be encouraged to move away from a single topic after some time, and Instagram will be stringent about which posts, hashtags, and accounts it suggests so that possibly harmful content does not end up on a teenager’s feed.

On Instagram, Meta wants to invest in making picture and video sharing more straightforward, giving additional creative and monetization options for content producers, assisting them in discovering and engaging with relevant Reels, and allowing consumers to find and connect with the material on Reels. Mark Zuckerberg said that the firm is presently changing its platform to short-form videos, such as Reels, and that the move would take time. Therefore, they are now replacing “some time in News Feed and other higher-monetising surfaces,” according to the company.

Take A Break feature first appeared in November last year as part of Instagram’s testing effort, and it has since been improved. Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s director of marketing, said that the take a break feature would encourage individuals to look at other subjects if they were concentrating on postings that may contribute to bad social comparisons.

Instagram’s latest feature allows users to add music to their feed posts in India, Turkey and Brazil

Instagram is increasing music-driven experiences on its platform with the company’s latest feature.

The Meta-owned image and video sharing platform has started testing the flexibility for people to feature music to their feed posts with few users in Asian nation, Brazil and Turkey.

It’s worthy to note that Instagram already permits users to feature music to alternative formats like its Stories format and short video providing Reels.

Users having this feature are able to add music while uploading their images on Instagram. Quite the same as how people will add music to Stories, they’re going to be able to flick through varied music clips within the “Trending” or “For You” sections or rummage around for any specific song.

After choosing the song, users are able to choose the clip period then share it on their profile feed.

The song name can be seen on the header of the feed post. If a user clicks on the song, they’re going to be taken to an audio page that showcases all feed posts that have used that song.

India has been a key marketplace for Facebook-owned Instagram to check many of its options and creator tools before a broader rollout into alternative markets because the company witnesses growing usage and engagement levels for its product. It had been among the primary markets where the firm extended its TikTok rival Reels on Instagram in the month of July last year.

In March, Facebook piloted the flexibility to make and think about short videos (Reels) on its platform. It additionally worked with few Instagram creators in Asian nation as a part of taking a look at the suggested Reels on Facebook to achieve new audiences. On 29th of September Facebook aforementioned it had been launching these options on its Android and iOS app within the US.

In July, Instagram additionally tested a feature referred to as ‘Collab’ in India and the uk that lets users add another account as a collaborator on a post or a Reel. On October nineteen, the corporate proclaimed a broader rollout for this feature.

“India is one among our quickest growing countries and it’s changing into one among the foremost vital places for North American country to target at instagram,” Adam mosseri, head of instagram aforementioned throughout an organization event on September 30.

In the month of September, Meta proclaimed ensuing section of its creator education programme ‘Born on Instagram’, that the corporate claims to be its largest creator education programme within the country, providing creators a chance to be told, earn and grow their communities.

“We’re investment tons with creators in Asian nation. Our endeavour is to use most of the funding to be able to get creators to make money. It (funds) is primarily going into programmes like our education programme, serving all creators as well as larger ones drive new experiences and new learning initiatives” Manish Chopra, director and head of partnerships at Facebook had told Moneycontrol at the time.

In the month of July, Meta had proclaimed plans to invest a whopping of $1 billion on creators across the globe by the end of 2022.

Instagram subscription may launch at Rs 89 per month

instagram subscription

Instagram subscription may launch anytime — through which influencers and creators will earn cash, with Instagram’s App Store listings on iOS. This announcement comes after Instagram head Adam Mossier earlier this year, aforesaid that the corporate was exploring subscriptions.

According to a report by TechCrunch, “Instagram Subscription” class will be seen beneath the “In-App Purchases” section for the Instagram App Store listing. Instagram Subscriptions are priced at Rs.89 per month, but this may not be the final price once the service rolls out or goes live.

What is instagram subscription?

The new Instagram subscription option is said to be visible along with the Instagram Badges that users can purchase to gift creators throughout live sessions.

Instagram Subscriptions is predicted to be just like Twitter Blue where fans will get access to exclusive content. Sensor Tower is said to confirm the primary “Instagram Subscriptions” in-app purchase was supplementary to its United States App Store listing on the month of November at a price of $4.99. The $0.99 in-app purchase was said to be added few days later.

Further, reverse engineer and adviser Alessandro Paluzzi through a series of tweets enlightened that Instagram is testing a subscribe button which will be visible on a creator’s profile. This suggests that fans will subscribe and find access to exclusive content like stories and live videos.

A special member badge will be seen next to your username whenever you DM (direct message) the creator or interact with their posts. This badge is predicted to form interactions prioritised with the creator.

It is to be noted that the creators are going to be able to monitor their approximate earnings, active members, and invalid membership, as per the report by TechCrunch. Instagram will let creators customise their subscription name and also value. Fans will be able to cancel the subscriptions anytime they need.

Meanwhile, a growing range of social media corporations, like Snapchat, YouTube, Tik Tok, Pinterest and Twitter have conjointly launched their own creator subscription platforms.

‘Meta’ Branding starts showing on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook

WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and alternative Facebook apps have started showing the company’s new branding ‘Meta’ on each Android and iOS devices.

The update comes a week after Facebook proclaimed that its company’s name changed to Meta.

The renaming is geared towards going on the far side old social media platforms and higher reflecting the company’s current investment towards an immersive expertise referred to as ‘metaverse’.

Facebook, Microsoft and other social media platforms moving towards developing their own metaverse-focussed offerings.

The Menlo Park, California-based company, however, desires to achieve the primary mover’s advantage with its rebranding.

First noticed on recent WhatsApp beta versions for Android and iOS devices last week, the Meta branding has began to seem on the splash screens of the newest versions of WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook apps.

The modification comes as a results of the announcement that Facebook created last week to travel with the Meta title.

It is unclear whether or not there any changes occurring to the Facebook app as a results of the rebranding.

In 2019, Facebook started showing its native Branding on WhatsApp and Instagram apps. That move was to focus on its possession of the 2 platforms.Last week, WhatsApp Head Will Cathcart proclaimed the commencing of the new branding on the messaging app.

The executive said that the update is concerned on recognising the very fact that the parent company of WhatsApp “is more than just Facebook.”

Facebook chief operating officer Mark Zuckerberg said in a public letter that Meta is going to be concerning metaverse wherever individuals are going to be ready to act with one another just about over the web in an immersive means. He, however, did not describe what specifically we have might expect from the corporate within the near future.

Instagram to initiate ‘take a break’ feature in order to pause the harmful content from the teenagers

In its recent interview over the weekend, Instagram mentioned that it will initiate recently developed measures to prompt teenagers from the platform using a ‘take a break’ feature. The app will be updated accordingly to pause their accounts and shall launch new options for parents to monitor the activities of their children.

Facebook Vice President of Global Affairs, Nick Clegg in an interview with the CNN conveyed that, “We’re going to introduce something which I think will make a considerable difference, which is where our systems see that a teenagers is looking at the same content over and over again, and it’s content which may not be conducive to their well-being, we will nudge them to look at other content.”

Furthermore, he said “the company will add a new feature “called ‘take a break,’ where we will be prompting teens to just simply take a break from using Instagram.” However, Adam Mosseri, Instagram head on September 27 mentioned in a blog post that the company was surveying the ‘take a break’ feature for the teen Instagrammers.