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Meta seems to have been on a mission to incorporate news features into its platforms rapidly. Following the introduction of Instagram’s chronological feed only a few days ago and the subsequent announcement of big upgrades to the WhatsApp voice chats function, the company has now unveiled a total of seven new Instagram DM features.

The changes are intended to improve the Direct Messaging experience on the platform. These new Instagram DM features include the ability to share song previews in DMs and the ability to send a message discreetly, as well as the ability to see who else is available to chat with. You can also reply to the messages while browsing your feed, and you’ll be able to share your reaction without having to go back and forth between apps.

Instagram made some modifications to the way users can interact with their social media accounts today. According to the company, these changes are part of a bigger plan to enhance the way consumers interact with and share with their friends.

In particular, Instagram’s rollout of a chronological feed, as well as Following and Favorites, which enable users to view posts ordered without the use of algorithms, follows closely on the heels of this announcement. The Favorites feed enables users to manually choose a list of their closest friends or favourite content creators to keep a closer eye on, while the Following option just organises content in the order they were published.

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new instagram dm features coming

What improvements are included in new Instagram DM features ?

1. Users can now share the previews of songs for as long as 30 seconds with their friends. Music Preview sharing features are a great help when you want the person you are talking with to hear your favourite song. Instagram has collaborated with music streaming platforms including Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music to make this feature more effective.

2. Reply to the messages and keep the conversations going on while browsing through the Instagram feed. Until today, the users had to go DM section to reply to each message, which would intervene in their scrolling through the reels or explore page.

3. Just like Facebook Messenger, the online status of friends is visible at the top of the DM section.

4. The users can click and hold the share button to easily share the post with a selected friend.

5. Send messages silently to someone. If you think the person you want to send the message to is busy at the moment, you can add @silent at the beginning of the message.

6. Set the background for your chat screen. This feature helps the users to personalize their chat screen.

7. Users can create polls in group chats.

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It’s important to note that some of these new features will only be available to users who have upgraded to Instagram’s improved messaging experience, and will allow for cross-app communication between Instagram and Messenger.

Instagram’s inbox gained numerous new features as part of this update, including the option to alter the chat colour, respond with emoticons, co-watch videos, and more. Users who have not yet opted into the updated messaging experience will only be able to access the music sharing, new chat layout, and quick-send capabilities, according to the business.

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