Apple’s 2022 iPad Pro Will Boast M2 Chip

2022 ipad pro with m2 chip

According to the Power On newsletter published by Apple tracker and analyst Mark Gurman, Apple seems to aim for a release date for their new 2022 iPad Pro with the M2 chip anytime during September and November.

According to Mr. Gurman, the 2022 iPad Pro’s software will be significantly upgraded, including MagSafe charging support.
The previous round of upgrades to the iPad Pro was released in 2018, when Apple launched a new design with more durable edges, an edge-to-edge display, and a USB-C port, as noted by Gurman. The previous upgrade to the iPad Pro 10.5 came approximately one year after that model’s 2017 release.

Apple may not have unveiled the newest 2022 iPad Pro at its “Peek Performance” event earlier this month, but a new report from 9to5Mac claims that the device will finally release in September. According to the report, the updated 2022 iPad Pro will include wireless charging capabilities and a glass back.

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According to the speculations, the new model may appear between September and November 2022. According to rumors, Apple will spend between one year and four months and one year and six months preparing for the next model. Apple recently released the most recent variation of M1-equipped iPad Pros in May 2021, which is the same month as the previous edition.

2022 ipad pro with m2 chip

The new M2 chip is said to bring some performance improvements over its predecessor and some unique features like additional Thunderbolt ports and expanded cellular connectivity. However, there hasn’t been much information released regarding the supposed M2 chip since Apple hasn’t acknowledged the chip’s existence.

In Gurman’s opinion, the chip’s CPU will be marginally quicker than its predecessor and will have the same eight-core design. He also anticipates that Apple will include the M2 chip in the new iPad Pro and the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and 24-inch iMac, which are said to release later this year. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the revamped MacBook Air will be powered by an M1 processor, whereas Gurman predicts that the reported M2 chip will power it.

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Base Variant of 2022 iPad Pro Will Get A redesign

Additionally, the news is that the entry-level iPad may be getting an update with a design that looks more like the iPad Pro line.
This rumor continues a more significant trend in which Apple has been updating its mid-range tablets to have the same design as its upper-tier models. The iPad mini (2021) and iPad Air (2020) have already been updated with this new design, making them the first in their families to have such a visual upgrade.

It makes sense that the entry-level iPad would also be getting this update soon. The brand tends to make sure all of its products are up-to-date with each other so that users can expect a similar experience across all gadgets in their ecosystem. By the end of 2022, the entry-level iPad would likely be one of the only products that hadn’t received this update yet—and it’s unlikely Apple would want to leave it out for long.

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Though we don’t know for sure when this update will occur, we’re anticipating it will happen between now and September 2022. This will be when Apple unveiled its iPhone 14 model and whatever new gadgets they were working on.

iOS 15.4 Causing High Battery Drainage? Users Complain On Twitter

ios 15.4

Only a few days ago, Apple released a new version of the iOS operating system, dubbed iOS 15.4. iPhone owners, on the other hand, seem to have had a problem with the update. Many consumers who updated their iOS devices to the most recent iOS 15.4 version complained about their devices’ batteries draining more quickly than normal.

iPhone owners who were perplexed by what was occurring with their smartphones after upgrading to iOS 15.4 resorted to the micro-blogging website Twitter to report what was happening with their devices. A user goes by the name Maxim claims that the battery life on iOS 15.4 is “very terrible.” After 24 hours, the percentage is 80 per cent, but I’m just using Safari, YouTube, Instagram, and Uber, and my screen time is no more than 2 hours. In my case, while I was using iPhone 11, the battery would barely deplete by around 7 per cent.

‘Anyone experiencing battery troubles with the iOS 15.4 public release?’ asks another user named Joey. Since the update, my battery percentage has been acting strangely. Occasionally, I’ll have my phone charging at 95 percent or 97 percent, and then when I remove it, it’ll indicate 100 percent, perhaps 5 minutes later or after a restart, and then the battery will swiftly deplete itself. Weird.

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iPhone 13 Pro users have been experiencing a rapid battery depletion issue after the release of iOS 15.4. This issue has also been reported by iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 users, who are both experiencing this problem. One possible explanation for this is that Apple has increased the frequency at which they use 120Hz ProMotion on iPhones, which is causing the battery to deplete faster. However, this merely explains why iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max owners are experiencing difficulties. Owners of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 have also reported experiencing the problem.

There is another reasonable explanation for the rapid battery depletion seen by iPhones after the iOS 15.4 upgrade, which explains why this was occurring. The explanations indicate that installing a new operating system on an iPhone causes several things to happen in the background, from indexing to recalibrating the battery, and that this might take many hours or even days to complete.

The cause of the problem appears to be the calibration process that occurs when a new version is installed. During this process, your iPhone will measure battery usage to adapt to your usage habits and maximize battery life. The fact that so many people are using their iPhones at the same time during this period is putting an unnecessary strain on their batteries and will artificially reduce battery life.

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While this consumes power, the battery calibration may give the appearance that the battery is emptying more quickly when, in reality, the opposite is true. Add to this the fact that there will be a large number of app upgrades after a new version, as well as a large number of new features accessible, all of which will place a further strain on an older device.

Is there a solution to the problem causing after iOS 15.4 update?

You should wait a few days for your iPhone to re-calibrate before becoming concerned. The likelihood is that your battery life will return to normal within a short period. In any case, depending on how old your phone is, it’s conceivable that your battery’s performance has begun to deteriorate. If there is a fault in iOS 15.4, Apple may issue a software update to optimize power usage.

In case you weren’t aware, iOS 15.4 has been released for several iPhone models, including the following: iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 mini, the iPhone 13 Pro, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 mini; the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max; iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max; iPhone X, iPhone XS Max; the Apple Watch; the Apple iPhone X; the Apple iPhone XR; the Apple iPhone X; the Apple (7th generation).

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Leaks Reveal iPad Air 5 Will Boast The Powerful M1 Chipset, 128GB ROM And 8GB RAM

ipad air 5

Apple is finally upgrading the iPad Air 4 with a new model that’s been a long time coming. The iPad Air 5 is here, and it’s powered by the A15 Bionic chip and Apple’s M1 chip, which are also included in the more costly iPad Pro line. The iPad Air 5 has an updated design, including a larger screen with slimmer bezels and unique colors and finishes. The tablet’s software has been updated to match its upgraded hardware, including a new Touch ID system built into the power button and an improved camera on the front of the device.

The iPad Air 5 is powered by Apple’s latest A15 Bionic processor and supports 5G networks. It means that the tablet can connect to the fastest available cellular networks, which is ideal for using data-intensive apps wherever you go. It also has a 10.9-inch Retina display with True Tone technology, adjusting the color temperature based on ambient lighting conditions.

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The iPad Air 5 and the iPad Air 4 have almost the same design. Along with that, the iPad Air 5 has retained a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with 3.8 million pixels and 500 nits of brightness from its predecessor. You’ll find other similarities between the two devices, such as True Tone technology, anti-reflective screen coating, and broad color range support for P3.

The iPad Air 5 also features a slim and light design that Apple claims “delivers an experience unlike any other when combined with the Liquid Retina display and landscape stereo speakers.” It may be accessed using a Touch ID sensor, integrated into the top button like the previous Generation. The tablet has several upgrades over the previous model, including M1 processor performance and 5G connectivity, both of which users have been anticipating for some time now. According to Apple, their newest tablet can achieve peak rates of up to 3.5Gbps under optimal conditions. eSIM and WiFi 6 capabilities are also included as extras in this package.

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The iPad Air 5 Specifications

The iPad Air 5’s most noticeable external change is the USB-C connector. This is identical to the port on the previous model, but it is now up to two times faster, allowing for data transfer speeds of up to 10Gbps. Moreover, a wide range of USB-C accessories, such as cameras, external storage, and displays with resolutions of up to 6K, can be connected to the iPad Air 5 through the port.

Other than that, the optics have also seen some improvements. The number of sensors on the back and front is still the same as before, but it now supports Center Stage technology. The 12MP ultrawide with Center Stage technology on the front of the camera intelligently detects your movement and keeps them in view as you move. If more participants join a video discussion, the camera recognizes this and seamlessly zooms out to accommodate them in the conversational space. In addition to recording 4K video and a 12-megapixel sensor, the iPad Air 5’s rear sensor can also scan documents and create AR-related content.

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The tablet will be available in various colors, including pink, purple, and blue, in addition to space grey and starlight. There are a variety of accessories that can be purchased separately for $129, including the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation, which is compatible with the device. There will be more than 30 languages supported by the Magic Keyboard when it launches in black or white for $299. In addition to being available in several areas, there is also the Smart Keyboard Folio for $179 and a more basic Smart Folio for $79 that comes in a variety of colours such as white, electric orange, dark cherry, English lavender, and sea blue.

The iPad Air 5 Price

Apple revealed the iPad Air 5 will be available for pre-order on Friday, March 11. The iPad Air 5 is an excellent choice for college students, instructors, staff, and homeschool teachers of all grade levels. The 64GB WiFi-only model will retail for $549, while WiFi + Cellular models will begin at $749 in the United States. The iPad Air 5 comes with two new accessories: the Smart Keyboard Folio and the Magic Keyboard. The Smart Keyboard Folio can be had for $159, while the Magic Keyboard is available for $279. For drawing/writing tasks, Apple also released a second-generation Apple Pencil, available for $119.

Apple iPhone SE 3 5G Claimed To Be The Cheapest Phone From The Tech Giant, Launching On 8 March

Apple iPhone SE 3 5G

Apple is all set to launch its Apple iPhone SE 3 5G in addition to an updated iPad Air. Apple will likely introduce a replacement to the second-generation iPhone SE on March 8th. Although the corporation has made no official announcement, recent rumours imply that the next-generation phone will appear remarkably similar to its predecessor.

The fact that Apple is one of the most successful smartphone brands in the world is undeniable. For many years, the firm has captured people’s hearts with its products and services. Even if it only succeeded in increasing its customer base with its most recent offers, Apple fans can’t wait to see what the company has in store for them this time around as the introduction of its latest devices approaches in just a few days.

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There are rumours that the upcoming iPhone SE, dubbed the “Apple iPhone SE 3 5G,” will have 5G support in addition to an upgraded camera. A15 Bionic chip, also present in Apple’s top products such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max, is also included in the phone’s specifications. Apps can be operated smoothly and fast, so users will not be inconvenienced by the need to wait for their favourite applications to launch or load when they need them the most.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 13 series last year, the A15 Bionic processor was the centrepiece of the design. Apple has not confirmed the event yet, but analyst John Donovan has said that the new iPhone SE could start at USD 300. That’s USD 99 less than the base price of the iPhone SE (2020). However, Daniel Ives said that Apple would stick with the USD 399 (Rs 29,955) base price.

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In the design department, according to GSM Arena, although there will be minor upgrades over its predecessor, there will be no significant modifications, as the smartphone is likely to have the same old iPhone 8-like look from 2017.

Apple iPhone SE 3 5G Specifications

Apple iPhone SE 3 5G carries the full features from the iPhone SE launched in April 2020. The phone has a 4.7-inch Retina IPS LCD screen with a screen resolution of 750 X 1334. iPhone SE 2020 has 3GB RAM in standard paired with different internal storage options, including 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

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Connectivity features on the Apple iPhone SE 3 5G include WiFi, hotspot, Bluetooth 5, GPS, NFC and USB 2.0. The phone has a single slot for a Nano sim card and supports one e-sim. The phone battery comes with 1821mAh power and supports 18W fast charging and Qi wireless charging.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro 5G Leaks Suggest Significant Improvements, To House 8GB RAM And Punch Hole Display

apple iphone 14 pro 5g

Apple is about to launch its latest iPhone series, the iPhone 14 series, later this year. The company’s devices are known for pioneering some commendable and industry-first advancements, and sources claim the Apple iPhone 14 Pro 5G and the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be no exception.

In this day and age, it’s no longer a secret that the iPhone is one of the most widely used smartphones on the planet. The firm holds the number one position in terms of sales and use records, and Apple has dubbed it “the world’s most loved phone” in recognition of this. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise when Apple ups the ante on its marquee product line. While it is still way too early to say what exactly will be featured on the next iPhone, rumours are swirling that we’re going to see some pretty big changes this year.

But first, let’s back up. Apple iPhone 14 Pro 5G rumors have been circulating since before the release of Apple’s iPhone 13 — which is why you shouldn’t refer to them as “iPhone 15” models just yet, and there have been several leaks and speculations regarding what we may anticipate from Apple this September.  The biggest rumor is that this will be an upgrade year for the Pro model, which means bigger changes are in store for these models than there have been for previous years—this could mean a major camera upgrade or something else entirely.

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro 5G Sports Bigger RAM

Following multiple rumours and leaks, Apple’s upcoming Apple iPhone 14 Pro 5G and Pro Max 5G are likely to be equipped with 8GB of RAM, which will mark the first time in an iPhone that the device has been upgraded to 8GB of RAM. Additionally, the non-Pro models are also expected to get 6GB of RAM, which is a step-up from last year’s iPhone 13 line.

The phone’s specifications have been confirmed by supply chain sources. They also reveal that the schedule for mass production is on a rise. A notable tipster Jeff Pu has additionally confirmed this information.

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Display And Camera Improvements In The Apple iPhone 14 Pro 5G

Rumour has it that the Apple iPhone 14 Pro 5G’s display will have a 120Hz ProMotion display. Additionally, the brand is likely to use both 48MP and 12MP camera modes, to ensure that low-light photography is improved without losing on the details. For the upcoming iPhone 14 variants, we can expect to see significant design changes with the presence of a punch-hole screen, instead of a notched one. We are not sure if there will be a notch design, or just punch holes as a change.

Another leak from the experts reveals that only the high-end variant of the iPhone 14 will sport the punch-hole display, while the base variant will still be shipped with the notched display. Some improvements in the upcoming smartphone from Apple will include camera upgrades, the inclusion of a bigger battery, performance upgrades, and more are also expected.

The three models are expected to come in multiple colour options like Black, Silver, Gray, White and Gold. There is also a possibility that Apple could add some new shades like Rose Gold and Red to its lineup too. We are not sure if the Red shade is going to be offered in the US or it will just be available in certain markets.

As usual, the Cupertino based tech giant will launch the Apple iPhone 14 Pro 5G around September this year. Till then, the rumours popping on the internet can not be considered as a valid source to build any conclusion. The launch event will only uncover the genuine specifications of the iPhone 14 phone.

Apple e-SIM Only iPhones Coming Soon? Leaks Predicts Apple To Ditch Physical SIM Slots In iPhone 14

apple e-sim

Apple e-SIM iPhones could be a reality soon! Recent leaks strongly point towards Apple ditching the traditional SIM slots in its upcoming smartphones. Leaks and rumours revolving around Apple devices circulating on the internet are not new. A heap of rumours from various sources, some genuine and mostly fake, keeps popping up every day for the entertainment of the tech-savvy readers. Apple iPhone 14 is still not launched, but rumours about the features and specifications of the Apple iPhone 15 have already grabbed everyone’s attention.

Recently, a leak from a notable tweeter user with an internet name ‘blogdoiphone’ notified the tweeter users that iPhone 15 Pro might not have SIM trays for accommodating the physical SIMs. However, another recent tweet from MacRumors suggests that the Apple fans would not have to wait until the launch of the iPhone 15 because the company has plans to abandon physical SIM trays from the iPhone 14 itself, which would be the earlier variant of iPhone 15 launching around September month of 2022.

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Apple recently asked the United States telecom operators to be ready for e-sim specific smartphones. Apple’s advice to the telecom operators has hinted that the Cupertino based tech company is fast moving towards e-sim technology. Apple’s unprecedented emphasis on the Apple e-SIM smartphone has given rise to the speculations that Apple might introduce the only e-SIM variant of iPhone 13.

As part of their preparations for the changeover, several U.S. carriers are also preparing to sell the iPhone 13 series smartphones with just e-SIM support starting in the second quarter of 2022, as reported by Bloomberg. Only by the end of 2022 is it possible that e-SIMs will become the primary mode of mobile network access.

Apple e-SIM technology has been a part of iPhones since 2018. Smartphones launched in and after 2018 come with dual sim support, including one physical SIM and the other is e-SIM.

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What is Apple e-SIM?

Apple e-SIM is a digital version of the physical SIMs ( Subscriber Identity Modul) that does not need a physical card inside smart devices such as phones and watches. E-SIMs allow the users to choose connectivity services from various telecom operators without inserting the physical SIM into the devices. Users will need to request the telecom operators of their choice to send them e-SIM profiles virtually.

Advantage of Apple e-SIM

Apple e-SIM will vacate the space that usually physical SIM slots occupy. The vacated space can be used for installing the additional components inside the smart devices that would provide extra features. In another case, the freed up space can be utilized to enlarge the battery size. E-sim technology will help smartphones to be more water-proof. e-SIM technology will help track down lost or stolen smart devices as the e-sim app will not uninstall.

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Disadvantages of Apple e-SIM

You’ll have to contact the telecom company stores every time you upgrade your mobile because there isn’t a physical card present.

Existing Devices Having Apple e-SIM.

Apple introduced the e-SIM technology back in 2018, along with the launch of the Apple iPhone XS and Apple iPhone XS Max. Other than Apple, other tech brands have integrated e-sim technology into their smartphones. Samsung and Google Pixel smartphones also offer the e-sim feature.

Existing e-SIM Service Providers In India

All the major telecom operators in India have e-SIM technology to offer their customers. Vodafone Idea (VI), Airtel and Reliance Jio have e-SIM facilities. On the other hand, BSNL and MTNL users will have to switch their operators to avail themselves the e-SIM technology.

iPhone 14 Update Suggests Exclusion Of Notch

iphone 14 update

iPhone 14 update suggests that the upcoming phone in 2022 will not have a notch, which has been a part of Apple devices since the launch of the iPhone X in November 2017. Apple’s revolutionary notched display was the first of its kind tech offering from the mobile tech company and was later followed up by the rivals.

Over time, the rest of the mobile tech companies have moved to punch hole to under-display cameras. Still, Apple retained its faith in the notched display, which occupies a larger space on the screen compared to the latter two camera technologies. Nevertheless, Apple stretched the notched display consisting of a selfie camera and Face Id over the years. Apple has also redesigned the 2021 Apple MacBook Pro to deploy a notch on the screen.

Offering the MacBook Pro with a notched screen was a welcoming decision of the company, but the apple fans indeed wanted a revamp in the iPhone’s screen design the company has been glued to for more than four years now. It’s been a while since Apple launched its iPhone 13 series in India, but the iPhone 14 update has already started floating on the internet.

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A pile of iPhone 14 update suggesting advancement in performance, storage, and camera are already available publicly with no guarantee how many of them would be true. Now, the latest addition to the iPhone 14 update suggests that the united states based tech company would finally dump its notch to offer a punch-hole camera. Furthermore, many iPhone 14 renders depicting a punch-hole camera are circulating on social media platforms.

iPohone 14 Pro Render

MacRumors, a tweeter account that shares apple leaks, found on Korean technology site The Elec that the upcoming Pro variants of iPhone 14 will have a minimal punch-hole display instead of the company’s conventional notch display. iPhone pro variants available in 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch screen sizes will boast the punch-hole display of a front-facing camera. However, the tech site speculates in its iPhone 14 update that the Face Id tech will be resting under the screen and not be housed in the punch hole.

If the iPhone 14 update turns true, the punch hole screen will not come as a standard. With that said, Apple fans will need to purchase the top-end iPhone 14 variants if they want to experience the newly adopted punch-hole screen. Apple might take another few years to roll out the punch-hole display as standard, which is disappointing for the Apple fans eagerly waiting for Apple to offer advanced camera setups than the notched display.

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Tech tipsters including Ming-Chi Kuo and Jon Prosser have shared confirmed iPhone 14 update suggesting that Apple 14 Pro will come with a punch-hole display. However, the authenticity of the tips is still somewhat faltering. Rumors keep coming, and a very few of them come true. Before the iPhone 13 launched in India, many tipsters speculated the punch-hole display would be a part of the phone, but their assumptions failed.

The punch hole display will not only improve the appearance of the iPhone 14 pro, but it will offer a larger room for screen utilization also. Larger screens are often useful for editing work on the phone on the go. Adopting the punch-hole display will attract more customers, of course, those who are willing to spend more than one lakh rupees on this phone.

What iPhone 14 Update Has To Reveal

The Pro models launching in 2022 would have punch-hole selfie cameras with a resolution of 48MP. It is said that LG Display LTPO 120Hz OLED screens will be included in the 6.06-inch iPhone 14 Pro and the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Pro Max and that they would be the only two variants to feature the new punch-hole screen design.

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According to the iPhone 14 update, Apple iPhone 14 non-Pro variants are said to include a 6.06-inch screen and a new 6.7-inch model, will retain a notch and will use screens provided by BOE. There are no plans for entry-level devices to use LTPO displays or refresh rates faster than 120 Hz.

Apple’s app privacy policy may cost social media companies almost $10B

A new report suggests that Apple’s app privacy policy – aka App tracking Transparency – will cause social media firms nearly $10B within the half of this year.

As a result of their unique selling point (USP) the flexibility to focus on explicit demographics and interest groups, which currently they will not supply now, advertisers are making their business elsewhere.

Apple’s call to alter the privacy settings of iPhones caused almost $9.85bn of revenues to evaporate within the half of this year at Snap, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as their advertising businesses were jolted by the new rules […]

Most users have opted out, which made advertisers within the dark concerning the way to target them. Advertisers have responded by curtailing their defrayal at Snap, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and amused their budgets elsewhere, especially to Android phone users and to Apple’s own growing ad business.

Even terribly basic varieties of targeting is lost once users decline permission for apps to “track” them.

Mike Woosley, Lotame’s chief operative officer, aforementioned advertisers that they are currently obtaining less bang for their buck on iPhones. He gave an example of a men’s underwear that will have gained one client for a $5 ad targeted at 1,000 men.

“Well, currently to urge 1,000 men you have got to point out it to 2,000 people, as a result of all of a abrupt you don’t understand Who could be a man and Who could be a women,” Woosley aforementioned.

“And you continue to solely have $5 for those 2,000 impressions. Therefore your acquisition prices doubled and therefore the lost yield is fifty per cent” […]“If your ability to advertise on Facebook isn’t any longer economic, you’re aiming to move away instantly,” he said.

So TikTok is becoming more famous as a result of it being cheaper(costs on the basis of 1000 impressions).

Apple started to let users select whether or not they may be “tracked” back in the month of April. What this suggests is that social networks like Facebook will let advertisers target you supported by demographic info, like age and gender, and advertisers will see you’ve been exposed to a specific ad after you create a web purchase.

Unsurprisingly, nearly no one selected to permit this, that saw advertisers abandoning iOS apps in favor of Android ones – and cutting their pay with social networks.There are numerous workaround tries to Apple’s app privacy protection, however the brand has cracked down pretty hard on these.

Facebook was reportedly panicking, and had warned investors that its revenue would be hit.

Apple’s latest iOS 15.2 beta update brings new privacy features

Apple's latest iOS 15.2 beta update brings new privacy features

The iOS users can finally get to know how the apps take access to sensitive information, like location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts. Apple is ready to launch the primary betas of iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 for beta testers and developers. This news comes simply days once the brand extended the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.1 updates.

The new software system update brings a very important iOS fifteen privacy feature.

App Privacy Report, which Apple initial showed off at this year’s WWDC, is currently a part of the beta. Testers can now finally be able to use it to know how usually an app accesses sensitive information, like location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts.

As per the report by Macrumors, Apple provides data on the premise of the last seven days. The feature conjointly helps users see all the info apps that are accessed.

Users conjointly get details on how recently the apps may need contacted different domains, which is able to facilitate them get a stronger understanding of how an app is functioning behind the scenes.

Those who have received the update will attempt the App Privacy Report. One can notice it in their device’s Settings app, once that they have to move to the Privacy section and select App Privacy Report.

Here, one will merely toggle it on as per their selection. It ought to be noted that the feature can begin displaying information solely once you utilize apps a few times.

Apart from this privacy feature, the most recent iOS beta update conjointly adds an auto call feature, that helps you to call during emergencies with a series of button presses.

One simply has to press the aspect button multiple times to initiate, or hold down the aspect button and also the volume button along, as per Macrumors.

The source is conjointly unconcealed that iOS users can currently see an extended eight-second count down before making a call. Apple has conjointly modified the planning of the Notification outline and it currently has an additional card-style read to supply a stronger look at what’s enclosed within the outline.

New MacBook Pro Rumored Features Are Floating Over Net, Users Speculate A Notch, 120Hz Refresh Rate

macbook pro rumors

Many rumors are making rounds on social media about the complete redesigning of the Apple MacBook Pro before the Apple ‘Unleashed’ event, which Apple Inc scheduled on the 18th of October 2021. Finding the insider updates of Apple products is a tough nut to crack. However, some strong rumors are coming from reputable sources.

Apple will reveal the newly facelifted MacBook pro lineup. According to the speculations floating on social media, the redesigned Macbook will be available in two different screen sizes – 14 inches and 16 inches, stretched to the edges.

What Can Be Expected From Revamped MacBook Pro 2021?

The about to be revealed MacBook will be sporting mini-LED displays that can produce a brightness of up to 1000 nits. As an interesting fact, Apple is offering the 14-inch screen size option after a gap of 14 years. At the same time, the 16 inches screen size option was already available in the Apple MacBook pro. If the sources are to be believed, one of the two pro variants of the MacBook will have a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

MacBook Pro laptops will be built upon an entirely new chassis and apple’s latest processor series, M1X, with ten core CPUs, out of which eight are oversized, and 2 are efficient cores. Additionally, the revamped laptops will have HDMI ports, Micro SD card ports, and the MagSafe power connector. One HDMI port and micro sd card reader slot will be given on the right side. In comparison, A 3.5mm audio jack, two thunderbolt ports, and the MagSafe connector will be present on the left side of upcoming MacBook pro models.

Apple’s M1X chip is a robust version of its previously used M1 chips, powering most iPhones, iMacs, and iPad pro. Apple first launched the M1 chips with iMac back in 2020 and further installed the M1 chips in 13 inches MacBook Pro, MacBook Mini, and MacBook Air. For the uninitiated readers, Apple replaced the intel chips used for Apple devices since 2006 with self innovated M1 chips.

Color Options For MacBook Pro

There are also many speculations about the color options apple will offer for the upcoming MacBook Pro. Silver and space grey colors are the identity of Apple devices. The MacBook Pro has been available in both of the colors mentioned above since 2016.

Apple also introduced midnight and starlight colors for its devices like iPhone 13. So, there’s a little place for expecting new color options if Apple sticks to its holistic approach towards redesigning MacBook Pro. Moreover, there’s a massive demand for matte black color options coming from Apple users.

Rumored Notch

A center notch at the upper edge of the MacBook Pro is also rumored on social media. Several mockups of MacBook pro hosting a center notch comprising a camera are prevalent on the internet and have become the talk of the town.

If the rumor about notch turns out to be accurate, it will help expand the screen to the edges on all sides and augment the looks of redesigned MacBook pro. Additionally, the camera is believed to be 1080 pixels with a truetone sensor and a microphone but will lack a face id feature.

Exclusion Of Touch Bar

It’s also said that the redesigned MacBook Pro will not consist of a touch bar which was the distinct feature of the MacBook pro. Apple is reverting to the class keyboard wholly painted in black color, involving the keyboard buttons.

Thankfully, the Touch Id feature is going to be retained in the latest MacBook models. Touch Id will have tiny illuminating lights in the background, most probably around the edges of touch id.

Apple has organized its unleashed event on the 18th of October 2021. Now, only tomorrow’s ‘unleashed’ event will divulge what speculations were authentic and what was just a smoke of the fire.